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Sesame Street has their own way of doing things. The long-running children's program has a knack for finding funny ways of teaching a lesson. Take "upside down," for example. What better way to teach kids about the phrase than with a a sketch that has two characters stuck upside down? And what better way to entertain their parents by throwing a Downton Abbey twist in? Check out this sketch, titled "Upside Downton Abbey" ahead!

You've been waiting forever to see Downton Abbey's butter Carson and Dowager Countess in muppet form, haven't you? Well, maybe you didn't realize you were, but let's face it, you probably were. Sesame Street made it happen with this segment, which has Carson and Violet (in violet) stuck upside down. Being upside down makes serving and eating a meal very difficult. Check it out (via

What goes upside, must come downton!

What I love about this, beyond the fact that Sesame Street dipped into the PBS (Masterpiece) well for some humor, is that the Muppets are in character. Carson politely suggests that maybe she would have an easier time eating if they weren't upside down, to which she responds that "We very well can't be right side up in Upside Downton Abbey - It is simply not done." So he goes about serving food that keeps dropping to the ceiling until he manages to convince her that changing the name (to Rightside Upton Abbey) would fix the situation. Dowager approves. If something as drastic ever occurred in the real Downton Abbey, I'm pretty sure that's how it would play out. Except, maybe without the steak and kidney pie dropping down on Dowager's head. That was all Sesame Street.

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