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Watch Taylor Swift Audition To Be On Jimmy Fallon's Ew! Sketch

Jimmy Fallon is known for getting up to some pretty strange shenanigans on The Tonight Show, whether he is palling around with Bill Cosby or picking out a wand at Ollivander’s shop in Diagon Alley. He’s also known for his sketch comedy program “Ew!,” which occasionally pops up on The Tonight Show. This week, special guest Taylor Swift is expected to appear on the late night comedy program, and if the video above is any indication, an Ew! visit is in the cards.

Just like Fallon’s other Ew! guests, Swift donned a brand new persona for the above video. She’s playing Natalie, a friend who is connected to Sara (no h, ew) via her parents, and who would really, really like to get a role on Sara’s television show. Swift’s messy hair, big glasses and even bigger braces really transform her in the short video, as she plays an awkward teen who hasn’t really gotten a hang on confidence, yet.

Here’s what Natalie has to say about her visit during Wednesday’s Tonight Show episode.

"Our moms were best friends in college together. So, I'm really excited because my mom said that we're going to come visit you and your mom and your dad, and, um, I heard that you have that television show called "Ew!" and so that maybe I could be on it, was what I was thinking."

They say Hollywood’s all about making connections, and Taylor’s logic here is as sound as those braces that have been applied to her teeth. I’m guessing when Swift makes her real-life appearance on The Tonight Show this Wednesday, her alter ego will also pop up on a very special segment of EW!.

If so, Swift won’t be the only famous name to have popped up on Ew!. Zac Efron, Seth Rogen, Will Ferrell, Channing Tatum and Michelle Obama have all been a part of the series in the past. Tatum, in particular, memorable danced to some hip-hop and talked about a One Direction concert during his segment on the show.

tatum hip hop ew

It’s a pretty oddball and strange skit for a late night series, but I guess I wouldn’t expect anything less from Fallon and co.

You can catch The Tonight Show on week nights at 11:35 p.m. ET, only on NBC. Wednesday’s episode will feature Taylor Swift, Andrew Rannells and Ryan Adams.

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