Watch Jimmy Fallon Impersonate Bill Cosby To His Face... And Dance Behind His Back

It's one thing to do a funny celebrity impersonation. It's another to do that impersonation to that celebrity's face. Jimmy Fallon is mastering that art on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, having previously engaged in a bit of impression-riffing with Jerry Seinfeld, and more recently showing off his Cosby impersonation to comedy legend Bill Cosby himself.

Ok, we're going under the impression that Mr. Cosby's being funny with his cut-it gestures...

cut it

And hilariously unimpressed expression...

not impressed

...because his reactions are even funnier than Fallon's impersonations, I'd say.

As mentioned, Fallon had us in hysterics when he and Jerry Seinfeld engaged in a bit of impromptu impression riffing during Seinfeld's interview.

Fallon can dish it out, but can he take it? Damn right he can, though not entirely with a straight face. Watch him go face to face with Justin Timberlake in this recent Saturday Night Live episode in which Fallon impersonates Jim Parsons and Justin Timberlake impersonates Jimmy Fallon...

And if you can't get enough of Fallon's celebrity impressions, here's a video of Fallon demonstrating more of them on an episode of America's Got Talent:

And here's the list of who's lined up for The Tonight Show in the coming episode...

Thursday, March 27: Guests include Russell Crowe, Joan Rivers and musical guest The National.Friday, March 28: Guests include January Jones, Josh Holloway and musical guest Passenger.Monday, March 31: Guests include Chris Evans and Ricky Jay. Show 0031Tuesday, April 1: Guests include Samuel L. Jackson, Minnie Driver and musical guest Pitbull.**Wednesday, April 2: Guests include Denis Leary, Cat Deeley and musical guest Nickel Creek.**Thursday, April 3: Guests include Daniel Radcliffe and Cedric the Entertainer.These listings are subject to change.**denotes changes or additions

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