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After watching last night’s season premiere of Weeds, I’d venture to say that not since the days of Heathers has croquet been so relevant. Missed last night’s episode? Don’t have Showtime? Catch Weeds’ Season 6 premiere here!

Read no further if you still haven’t gotten around to finishing off the fifth season of Weeds, and let’s go ahead and declare that the last official pre-Season-6 Weeds spoiler warning. The final moment of last season is worth seeing and certainly worth talking about, so get caught up and join us in the present!

Moving on…

Where was I? Croquet. Right. So, Shane didn’t play Croquet, nor has the sport made a rapid comeback since Shannon Doherty and Winona Ryder puttered around the backyard knocking each other’s balls around but the kid does know how to get resourceful with a mallet. If Veronica had known there were other uses for a croquet mallet, she might not have needed to waste a mug full of “Hull Clean” to off Heather.

Speaking of offing, back to Weeds! Pilar’s death served as a catalyst to give the Botwins just the push they needed to hit the open road and hopefully revitalize the series in its sixth season.

Below is the full Weeds Season 6 premiere episode, appropriately titled, “Thwack.”

I think Andy put it best when he said, “You killed someone with a mallet? That’s hardcore.”

Indeed. Or, in Heathers-speak: How very.

Weeds airs Monday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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