What The Broken Lizard Guys Think About The CW Rebooting Beerfest

News broke recently that the CW’s streaming offshoot CW Seed is getting into the Beerfest business. A webseries based on the movie of the same name is set to launch later this year, coinciding with the 10-year anniversary of the original Broken Lizard film. The whole thing sounds pretty perfect for fans of the group that made SuperTroopers, Beerfest and other well-liked films. But there’s one problem. The original creative team, aka the Broken Lizard guys, aren’t involved with the CW’s Beerfest, at all.

In response to a query on Twitter Broken Lizard actor, writer and producer Steve Lemme took to social media to explain his position on the upcoming CW webseries and it’s pretty blunt. Here’s what he had to say:

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Well, that doesn’t sound particularly hopeful. When Deadline first reported the news, it was mentioned that Beerfest producer Billy Gerber would be involved as an executive producer, but it looks like the connections to the original Warner Bros. film will be ending there. Which means none of the cast members or creative team will be involved. The fact they are calling the idea subpar is not particularly compelling, either.

The Broken Lizard guys should theoretically be pretty busy outside the realm of TV. Last spring, they put together an Indiegogo crowdsourcing campaign and raised well over 4.5 million dollars to produce Super Troopers 2. The movie has gotten off of the ground in recent weeks and shooting is expected to happen on the movie through the summer, so it’s clear that Steve Lemme and the other Broken Lizard guys should be busy in the near future.

The CW Seed isn’t exactly known for big budget projects, so signing the Broken Lizard guys may have been out of budget even if they had wanted to be involved in a Beerfest webseries. As it stands, Beerfest the TV series will join a couple of other smaller budget projects on the network, including Vixen and Attention Deficit Theater with Jaime King. Here’s what else the CW and others have coming up.

On the actual Broken Lizard guys' front, we'll let you know as soon as Super Troopers 2 starts to get closer to a release date.

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