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CBS kept Person of Interest off of the schedule for months this year, and by the time the network ultimately opted to add Season 5 to its upcoming programs, we also learned the series had been cancelled. The bad news? Season 5 will be the last set of episodes that Person of Interest produces. The good news? The show saw the writing on the wall when the episode order for Season 5 was shortened and seems to have written a final set of episodes that fans can really get behind, at least according to leads Amy Acker and Jim Caviezel. Acker, who plays Root, spoke out in a recent interview to give us some hints about what to expect from what is to come on the CBS drama. The rest of the episodes sound like they’ll be pretty exciting.
I would say it's pretty dramatically different. There were some episodes that I got the script and literally thought, 'Are we on a different show?' There's one in particular — Episode 4 — that doesn't seem like Person of Interest at all, but people are saying it's one of the best episodes.

It’s not a huge shock that she would call the new episodes different. A lot of dynamics have changed on the series now that Fusco has knowledge about the Machine and now that the Machine is a bit on the fritz. However, the fact that Amy Acker told TV Line that some weeks she felt like she was on a different TV program is kind-of exciting. When Person of Interest returned to the schedule last week, the episode was a pretty good one and it was nice to see the gang back in action, but the first episode of the season didn’t feature eye-popping action or something so dramatically different that we were remarking on it afterward. In the weeks to come, that looks to be changing though.

In fact, Jim Caviezel also spoke out about Season 5, noting that the finale later on this season is going to be epic. He even likens the series ender to the popular Star Wars franchise, which presumably means he is pretty confident about what is coming.
By way of analogy through Star Wars, I'd say it's Empire Strikes Back meets Return of the Jedi, the way we're going out.

I thought Amy Acker’s claims were bold, but I think that comment actually takes the cake. I guess a Star Wars comparison sort-of makes sense, considering Person of Interest is produced by J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot company and Abrams himself directed Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But comparing the TV series to one of the most famous franchises of all time sets a pretty high bar for the Person of Interest finale. Here's hoping it lives up to the hype.

Person of Interest returned to CBS’ schedule last Monday, which means there are still quite a few episodes to get through this season. Catch them on Monday nights and Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. ET, only on CBS. To see what the network has already renewed and cancelled regarding next season, check out our rundown here. In addition, you can see what the networks have coming up this summer with our TV premiere schedule.

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