Is Person Of Interest Ending After Season 5?

Just a few years ago, CBS’ Person of Interest appeared on the scene with a great cast and an interesting take on the world of technology and its many possibilities. Four years and several cast members later, the network has given the drama a shortened Season 5 order and word on the street is that Person of Interest’s next round of episodes will be its last. But has there been a final word on the series? Here’s what CBS head Nina Tassler had to say at TCA this week.

We haven't determined that yet. That show's in production now and will be coming on later this season, but we haven't determined if it's the end of the series yet.

We’re not all that surprised that Nina Tassler isn’t ready to call it quits on Person of Interest, yet. Although the show didn’t have the strongest Season 4 closer, and despite the fact the show has lost several huge actresses, including Taraji P. Henson and Sarah Shahi over the last couple of years, Person of Interest still does decently in the ratings and initially had a strong fanbase when it hit the air. Not saying Season 5 is the last season gives the show the option to renew after Season 5 airs, even if Season 5 is still likely to be the last big bow for the series.

While a network has the last say on whether or not a show gets a pickup, various outlets have been reporting for months that Person of Interest is likely to end after Season 5. The main evidence seems to be that the show has been given the same episode order that The Mentalist got last TV season when that drama was probably going to end. As expected, the 13-episode order did end up being the end of the story for Patrick Jane, Teresa Lisbon and the rest of the team. It should be noted that the CBS-owned TV Guide is being a little more wishy-washy about the prospect; suffice to say, it seems fairly clear that Person of Interest is on the way out.

What may be the crippling blow for POI is the drama is not owned by the network, which owns other big shows, including NCIS and its sister properties. Sometimes shows get cancelled when they air on a network other than the one that owns it, and while Person of Interest has been been a pretty good contender in a tough Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. timeslot, the show's fate may end up being decided by forces outside of its control.

For now, CBS is going to stay mum and make us wait regarding a potential cancellation. Person of Interest isn’t even expected to hit the schedule until midseason this TV season. You can see what else the network has coming up this fall, here.

Jessica Rawden
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