What Person Of Interest's Season 5 Return Will Be About

It’s been so long since Person of Interest was on the air, the second generation of The Machine should have come out already, and Season 5 still hasn’t started yet. Thankfully, CBS has finally shed some light on what fans can expect when the sci-fi-tinged drama returns next month for its final season, and it sounds like things will be picking up as if no time had passed at all. According to the episode synopsis:

Reese and Finch attempt to rescue the Machine's source code before it deteriorates beyond repair. Also, Root fights for her life against an onslaught of Samaritan's agents and Fusco is faced with hard questions following the deaths of Dominic and Elias, on the fifth season premiere of Person of Interest.

The Season 5 premiere is titled “B.S.O.D.” (presumably after the Blue Screen of Death), and it’ll kick off soon after the events from the body-dropping Season 4 finale, with the added bonus of more Shaw. But before getting to anything involving living tissue dying, the most important angle here obviously involves Jim Caviezel’s Reese and Michael Emerson’s Finch somehow keeping The Machine alive after all of Samaritan’s power surges severely weakened it. I mean, when a show ends on a piece of A.I. contemplating its own death, then there are obviously things, some of them briefcase-shaped, that need to be cleared up when the show comes back.

Amy Acker’s Root doesn’t sound like she’ll be kicking off the season in a fit of rest and relaxation, either. We’re not necessarily worried, since she’s done pretty well in the past against the endless line of Samaritan agents, but the fact that Person of Interest will be over by the end of June dilutes my confidence that everyone will get through it all unscathed.

And then there’s Kevin Chapman’s Fusco, who managed to make it through the end of Season 4 without being killed by Samaritan, although the same can’t be said for Dominic, Elias and Grice. He’s definitely going to have some explaining to do after all that, but at least the Brotherhood leader won’t be giving Fusco any problems about it.

After spending most of the offseason wondering what would happen to the acclaimed Person of Interest, fans learned earlier this year that Season 5 would be the last one. That was bad news, but at least we didn’t have to wait another year to see what happens next. So mark your calendars, just so you’ll have proof in case CBS tries to mess with Person of Interest’s fate again. The fifth and final season premiere will take place on CBS (opens in new tab) on Tuesday, May 3, at 10 p.m. ET., and it will continue its two-nights-a-week run the following Monday, May 9, at the same time.

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