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In an era of reboots and continuations, “cancelled” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for a TV show that it did a couple of decades ago. Fox pulled off a killer primetime continuation with the limited run of The X-Files earlier this year, and streaming services have repeatedly been taking over where networks gave up. There’s really no shortage of series deserving a second go, and one such show is definitely ABC’s crazy sitcom Happy Endings, which was axed after three seasons in 2013. According to creator David Caspe, the circumstances would have to be just right for Happy Endings to return to the screen.
It’s been so strange because it keeps popping up, people will call, we’ve had a few others, but it’s not 'come back and do it your way.' It’s like, let’s just do a cold open. Or let’s do a few episodes using found footage or make it a TV movie and shoot it handheld, to save money…things like that. But no one has come to me and said let’s make real episodes: ten episodes that look like the show was and to actually be what the show was and get everyone back, with the right budget. If that happens? Then I would totally do it. It would be so fun.

Happy Endings really could be the perfect show to come back after a years-long hiatus without missing a beat. The six main characters had already known each other for a very long time back when the series premiered, so there’s no reason why we couldn’t believe that they’d kept getting up to their crazy shenanigans during the years off screen. Still, as appealing as the prospect of a return to Happy Endings is, it’s hard to blame David Caspe for turning down offers that don’t fit his creative dream for his show. If Happy Endings is going to be done again, it should be done right, as he told a href=>Pajiba.

One of the problems in reuniting casts for continuations is that great actors tend to be very busy. Given that David Capse is actually married to one of the performers, and everybody behind the scenes seems to have stayed friendly, perhaps another run of ten episodes could be possible if Caspe gets the creative support he needs. Former executive producers Joe and Anthony Russo have moved on to big things in the Marvel universe, but they’ve also said that they’d come back if the circumstances were right.

As of now, there’s no saying if the stars will ever truly align to bring the Happy Endings crew back together for some new antics, adventures, and pile-ons. Luckily, the entire series is available streaming on Hulu, so at least a quick binge fix of Happy isn’t impossible.

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