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The yearlong wait between seasons of Game Of Thrones is almost as excruciating as Theon’s torture at the hands of Ramsay Bolton. After finales that usually contain major cliffhangers, it is usually difficult to wait for the new season, especially since the fandom around both the TV and book series is so rabid. Luckily for us, Season 6 is right around the corner, and apparently very much worth the wait. Sophie Turner, who plays the ill-fated Sansa Stark, recently opened up regarding the upcoming season, and what the fans might be able to expect for the show as a whole:
I mean this season there’s like so many shocks, it’s massive, it’s the biggest season yet. And just like in terms of character development, so many people’s storylines, I’m so excited for. I’m so excited to see Alfie’s one this season. It’s going to be good.

This statement, which Sophie Turner made to EW, seems extremely promising. Season 5 got a bunch of flack from fans regarding pacing and lack of action in the middle episodes, but Turner seems to believe that this season will contain some of the most shocking twists in the show’s tenure. Considering how adept Game Of Thrones is at surprising the audience and killing off major characters, this is a bold statement.

One of the most promising aspects of Sophie Turner’s quote is the idea of shocking plot twists. This seems to make perfect sense, as Season 6 will mark the first time the HBO series will be surpassing the novelization by George R.R. Martin. Since Martin was unable to finish his latest book, The Winds Of Winter, before the new season airs, fans of the novels will be out of the loop for the first time. While GoT has deviated from the source material before, the show has overall followed the path that the novels laid out. To put it simply: any plot twist is going to be a shock because it’s the first time audiences aren’t prepared for what will happen in advance.

Sophie Turner also says that Season 6 of Game of Thrones is going to be the biggest season yet. Once again, these are bold words considering how massive the series has been thus far. We’re used to seeing a plethora of sets, casts, and locations while watching; how exactly will HBO make the show even bigger? My assumption is the question of scale is referencing the separate stories of Westeros finally interacting with one another. Tyrion has aligned himself with Daenerys, and is ruling in her absence. If she is able to return to her kingdom, perhaps bringing an army of Dothraki with her, maybe her quest to invade Westeros will finally come to fruition. 

Finally, Sophie Turner promises a remarkable plotline for Theon Greyjoy, played by Alfie Allen. With Theon being essentially silent and obedient for a few seasons, we saw him return to his own by rescuing Sansa during the season finale. It looks like the comeback of Theon is imminent. And I can’t wait. 

Game of Thrones will return to HBO April 24th, 2016.