Watching the above "supertease" for Ryan Lochte's upcoming E! reality show, I'm thinking "Jeah" could replace "GTL" as the reality-TV-inspired phrase of choice, especially now that Jersey Shore is off the air. If "Jeah" is good enough for a gold medalist, it's good enough for the American viewers, right? What's evident from the video is that Ryan Lochte is way into Ryan Lochte, and that's actually the perfect quality to have if you're going to be the star of a reality TV show.

Less than a month from now, E! will premiere What Would Ryan Lochte Do?, a reality series that follows the Olympic swimmer as he trains, parties and searches for his dream girl. As the video above (via Gawker) indicates, we'll also be hearing more from his mother, who was once quoted as saying her son goes out on one-night-stands. What other tidbits about her son's personal life will she share when this series gets going?

Between his success in the pool - with a handful of medals won in London last summer - and the headlines he made for his candid comments, Lochte's a perfect candidate for a reality show, and based on the supertease, it looks like Lochte's letting the cameras into all aspects of his life, even if it means allowing the audience see him get rejected by a woman when one of his pick-up lines falls flat. Something tells me he's not always so unsuccessful with the ladies. And it also looks like he's close with his family, which adds another layer to this story. We'll also see him start training for the Rio Olympics in 2016. The series premieres April 21 at 10:00 p.m. ET on E!

I think I may become addicted to this show.

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