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It looks like Jeff Eastin will be doing more business with the USA network. The White Collar creator has another pilot in the works. The drama project was given an order by the USA network, which puts the pilot among some of the other dramas USA has in the works, including Over/Under and Wild Card.

According to Deadline, Eastin’s yet-to-be-titled drama pilot involves a group of agents from a variety of federal and local agencies (from cops to the FBI and DEA) living together in a house in southern California. Lest this sound like a dramatized version of The Real World: Law Enforcement, the catch is that they’re all undercover. On the same case? Who knows? Sounds quirky though. Can’t wait for the casting news to start rolling out on this one.

Eastin’s claim to fame is creating White Collar, a drama which is currently between its third and fourth season on USA. The series stars Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay as a con-man and FBI agent who are teamed up to fight crimes. The series was given a fourth season order back in August. Tiffani Thiessen and Willie Garson are also among the cast.