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This Is Who Zack Braff Wants To Make A TV Show With

Zach Braff may be getting back into television. The actor recently spoke out to discuss his renewed interest in television as an artistic medium, jumping on the bandwagon of celebrities who have recently discovered TV can actually be awesome. The actor stated he has a desire to return to the sitcom world, and has a potential comedy in the works with Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence.

In an interview with The Independent, Braff says that he would much rather do a comedy project than a drama project, because TV is a lengthy 12-hour a day commitment for months at a time and he only believes he could handle the pressure if he was doing something humorous. Luckily, it seems he might have a series back on television sooner rather than later.

“When I look back on Scrubs the experience was so fun and really it was just being silly and goofy with your friends all day long. I’m already kind-of talking about a new idea with Bill Lawrence, who created Scrubs. I don’t know if it would be this year or next.”

Since leaving Scrubs in 2010, Braff has made a couple of TV guest appearances, but has mostly attempted to jumpstart his film career, appearing in Oz the Great and Powerful and his latest directorial effort Wish I Was Here. All of that has kept him fairly busy, however, he says TV is starting to have a bigger appeal to him than it used to (probably because TV rocks).

“I like the idea of cable because I don’t want to do 22 episodes, but I like the idea of this new wave that you can do 12 episodes or eight episodes maybe for cable or Netflix or wherever. There are so many more options now. It's an exciting time.”

Like Braff, Lawrence is pretty busy these days, co-creating and executive producing TBS’ Ground Floor, as well as executive producing the upcoming NBC sitcom Undateable. The good news, and I mean no offense to Skylar Astin, is I bet he would jump at the chance to work with a headliner like Braff once more.

Obviously, we are some time away from seeing another half-hour comedy endeavor from Zach Braff and Bill Lawrence. The two would still need to solidify whatever idea they’ve discussed, then pitch the project, sell it and hopefully get it made. If they really want to produce the project, Braff will be a pretty easy sell in the sitcom world, and I think a lot of Scrubs fans would happy to see him doing some weird shit with a streaming service like Netflix. Now, the two men just need to get the ball rolling.

Jessica Rawden
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