Why Fish Mooney's Return To Gotham Is Different Than The Rest

Gotham spoilers are below.

For next week’s penultimate episode of Gotham, the kooky crime drama is bringing back Season 1 big bad Fish Mooney as another step in Hugo Strange’s plan to bring dead criminals back to life for further turmoil in Gotham City. But while Strange’s other experiments have almost completely altered the evildoers’ personalities, things seem to have gone a little differently in Fish’s case, as evidenced by the new promo, in which this is the first thing we hear her say.

My name is Fish Mooney, bitch.

Damn, son! That’s exactly what’s missing from Night of the Living Dead and every other piece of entertainment where people rise from the dead: they don’t immediately call somebody a bitch. Think of how much fun The Walking Dead would be if the woods were alive with the echoes of “bitch” coming from rotting vocal cords.

Besides proving that Fish knows who she is and was before her death, that profane line also implies that she isn’t entirely pleased with her present situation, and that Strange probably didn’t expect her to have adhered to her former personality. And I seriously doubt that the mad scientist was interested in bringing O.G. Fish Mooney back to Gotham City, considering her loyalty to other villains was thinner than the eyelashes on that one eye that she scooped out with a spoon. I can’t imagine she would be a big help to Strange’s cause, at least the specifics of resurrections and personality takeovers. The bringing Gotham City to its knees part is probably peachy keen with her, though.

Check out the episode preview below.

So what does this all mean for Hugo Strange’s future experiements? The end of Season 2 is right around the corner, so perhaps the botched attempt is the beginning of the end for Indian Hills. Strict and legitimate science doesn’t really happen in that lab, so there probably won’t be any kind of a “what went wrong?” angle on it. We’re still waiting to see what will become of other risen villains like the spooky Clayface and Mad Hatter, so maybe Strange creates as many mash-up villains as possible before his entire operation is shut down. Fingers crossed that good ole Jerome is a part of that potential flush of new-old villains.

Gotham’s “A Legion of Horribles” will air on Fox on Monday, May 16, with the Season 2 finale (which will also guest star Jada Pinkett Smith) coming the next Monday, May 23.

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