Why Kit Harington Revealed Jon Snow's Fate To A Police Officer

Spoilers ahead for the most recent episode of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones created one of the most talked about and theorized plot twists in the history of television during last season’s finale. After a crazy adventure in Westeros, Season 5 closed with a handful of the members of The Night’s Watch stabbing Jon Snow so much that his torso looked like a piece of swiss cheese. For the long months in between this moment and his eventual resurrection by the hands of Melisandre, actor Kit Harington was forced to keep completely tight lipped regarding whether or not he’d be coming back in future episodes. Well… almost completely.

On a recent appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy asked Kit Harington about what it was like to keep the big secret of Jon’s fate. Harington was apparently forbade to tell a living soul about his character, including his family and friends. While Harington revealed that he told his parents, there was one stranger who he clued in: A police officer.

During the long hiatus between seasons, Kit Harington was pulled over for speeding. Apparently the discrepancy in his speeding and the limit was enough to warrant him being brought into a local police station, but luckily the officer who pulled him over was a Game of Thrones fan. The officer gave Harington an ultimatum: tell him Jon’s fate, or come down to the station. The Stark bastard chose the former.

Check out the full segment of Kit Harington on The Tonight Show below. It’s a funny one, so make sure you’re not drinking anything while you’re watching.

Great, right?

Perhaps my favorite part of the above interview was how much of a superfan the Police Officer apparently was. He didn’t just know the cliffsnotes version of Game of Thrones, he knew the specifics. When excusing Kit Harington from his ticket, he told him “On your way, Lord Commander”. Furthermore, he even followed it with “Keep the speed down this far south of The Wall”. This guy knows his crap, and he’s the type of Police Officer I’d actually enjoy being pulled over by.

Jon’s resurrection seems to be a major turning point in his character’s arc. He appears to finally be departing The Night's Watch, which is exciting because somebody needs to take that little shit Ramsay down. Additionally, it looks like he and Sansa will be reuniting this Sunday, as the trailer showed she, Pod, and Brienne arriving in Castle Black. If Jon leaves before Sansa arrives, I may throw something at my television.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.

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