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Watch Meghan Trainor Wipe Out On Stage On The Tonight Show

A lot of times, bloopers and other unplanned moments get edited out of talk shows on the way from the episode’s taping to the actual TV airing. That’s what makes it better than live TV for most people in the biz. Perhaps singer Meghan Trainor would have wanted to chop out a particular section of her Tonight Show performance last night. Here’s what punctuated her solid rendition of “Me Too.”


Everyone note that while I’m indeed having a chuckle at Meghan Trainor’s televised tumble, it’s not because I’m glad she busted her ass or because I’m just naturally into people’s embarrassment. (Although I am just naturally into people’s embarrassment.) It’s mostly because I’m sympathizing with the musician, knowing damned well that there’s no way I could do anything but go downhill if I was wearing the kind of heels that she is wearing. In fact, I might have flipped forward off of the stage entirely, taking out at least the front two rows in the audience, if not a camera man or two. So obviously I’m the offspring of Frank Drebin and Clark Griswold.

That awkward lie-down would have been a lot more shameful had she not delivered such a vibrant and electric performance for the preceding few minutes. Had it been a less memorable display of artistry, or one plagued by lip syncing rumors, perhaps the slip-up wouldn’t have even been remembered. (And now I want to see her on Lip Sync Battle next season.)

No stranger to reality, Meghan Trainor knows that this kind of an accident happens all the time to singers. She later took to social media to poke fun at herself.

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That’s a healthy attitude. And who knows? Maybe just being around the injury-prone Jimmy Fallon is enough to make gravity work in different ways for his guests sometimes. In any case, you can catch the entire “Me Too” clip below, complete with Fallon’s kind gesture to Trainor after her fall.

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Nick Venable
Nick Venable

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