Why Louis C.K. Apologized To Sarah Palin At SNL 40

A lot of people were a part of last year’s SNL 40 anniversary special and a lot of those big names brought up stories from the set after the now-famous event happened. Recently during an episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers, former Vice President hopeful Sarah Palin revealed her own story from her big night over at Studio 8H. Apparently, before the episode happened live, comedian Louis C.K. came up to the politician and apologized for a mean-spirited comment he made years ago. Here’s the full story:

[Louis C.K.] tracked me down while I was there and he happened to apologize that night for some drunk tweet that he had fired off on an airplane one night years ago. I hadn’t even known that he had said something crude. But I was like, get in line, who hasn’t? And he apologized and he said ‘Never in a million years had he been one to want to apologize to someone.’ And I thought, ‘This is a special guy; either that or what’s wrong with him!’ Because of all the celebrities who have said some things that you know weren’t always the nicest things in the world, he’s the only one who ever apologized.

Louis C.K., what a stand up guy, pun intended. It’s interesting that the comedian is not really one to apologize, but went out of his way to say some nice things to a lady who was the brunt of a lot of jokes when she was on the national stage. After telling the story, though, Meyers actually has an interesting take on what may have prompted the comedian to go out of his way to be so nice to Sarah Palin, noting that SNL 40 episode was an extremely special time for all of the celebrities who were involved. Just being kind and “in it together” was one of the “energies” of the SNL 40 special, which shouldn’t come as a surprise for those who witnessed people like Jimmy Fallon and even Melissa McCarthy telling stories after the big event. You can check out more of Palin's impressions from the night, below.

Obviously, it was a night of fun throwback sketches that nodded at various generations of Saturday Night Live cast members. Most memorable among them were probably Bill Murray’s “Jaws” theme song rendition, a new “Wayne’s World” sketch, a digital short from Andy Samberg and Adam Sandler, and one more round of “Celebrity Jeopardy.” The sketches were obviously a good time, but there was so much fun behind-the-scenes stuff happening, too, that new stories should continue to come out about the big event in the years to come. Just don’t expect Louis C.K. to apologize to anyone else anytime soon.

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