Wil Wheaton Awkwardly Tries To Voice His Own Trailer For The Wil Wheaton Project

Let's hope Wil Wheaton is better at hosting his own comedy talk show than he is at voicing a trailer! We have full confidence that he is, and the above preview actually does a fine job of celebrating the kind of nit-pickiness that all geeks should appreciate on some level or another, right? Geeks are inheriting the earth, and that includes pop culture. The Wil Wheaton Project seeks to explore and celebrate all things sci-fi and "genre entertainment" as presented with a fast-paced, light-hearted tone.

Who better to stand at the front of a half-hour series like that than Wil Wheaton, an actor, blogger, podcaster, author and Twitter user who's well known for his enthusiasm and knowledge of geek culture. As an actor, Wheaton's credits include Eureka, The Big Bang Theory and of course, Star Trek: The Next Generation. He's also appeared in Felicia Day's web series The Guild.

Wheaton has previously described The Wil Wheaton Project as "sort of like Talk Soup for geeks," and that's about what it looks like, particularly in the glimpses we see in the first launch trailer...

And from the lone episode photo Syfy has since released, it looks like Wheaton will be featuring some special guests. Here's a glimpse of Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick looking like they're having a whole lot of fun...


Like Wheaton, Chris Hardwick is well known for his knowledge and opinions on sci-fi and genre subjects. Both Hardwick and Wheaton have appeared in and/or moderated panels at Comic-Con in San Diego, and both men host post-episode talk shows for popular sci-fi dramas. For Hardwick, that's the Walking Dead after show Talking Dead, and for Wheaton, it's Falling Skies: 2nd Watch, the after-show for TNT's alien-apocalypse drama Falling Skies. Hardwick and Wheaton actually go way back to the early '90s, so it should be interesting to see Hardwick's appearance on The Wil Wheaton Project. Something tells me those two would have a lot to talk about (for our entertainment).

The Wil Wheaton Show premieres Tuesday, May 27 at 10/9c on Syfy. View the full list of summer premiere dates here.

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