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Falling Skies And Michael Bay's The Last Ship Get Trailers And June Premiere Dates

Among the series to join TNT's line-up this summer is Michael Bay's The Last Ship, which unsurprisingly, looks pretty thrilling! TNT has given that one a June release date along with releasing the above trailer. The network also released a date and trailer for the fourth season of Falling Skies.

Executive produced by Transformers' Michael Bay and set to premiere Sunday, June 22 at 9:00 p.m. on TNT, The Last Ship stars Eric Dane as Captain Tom Chandler, captain of the U.S.S. Nathan James, a ship that manages to avoid falling victim to a devastating tragedy that nearly decimates the world's population. From the trailer, it looks like some kind of virus. Now they must face the reality that they may be among the remaining survivors.

Firefly's Adam Baldwin is among the cast, playing XO Mike Slattery, a former homicide detective and Chandler's second in command. Also among the cast are Travis Van Winkle, Charles Parnell, Christina Elmore, Sam Spruell and Marissa Neitling.

It's Michael Bay, so we should probably expect explosions, but the story sounds interesting and really, this one had me at Adam Baldwin.

Moving on to another apocalyptic thriller for TNT, we have the return of Falling Skies, which is also set for a June 22 return, airing at 10:00 p.m. after the debut of The Last Ship. Here's the Season 4 trailer...

The nightmare is just beginning! There's some creepy stuff going on in that trailer. Then again, when it comes to these aliens and this series in general, creepy's pretty standard.

Falling Skies is set in the aftermath of an alien invasion. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg, Noah Wyle plays Tom Mason, a college professor who rises up as a resistance leader. The phrase "know your history" certainly applies here, as Mason's expertise in the subject proves useful in fighting off the invaders. His love interest is Moon Bloodgood's Dr. Ann Glass, a pediatrician whose medical expertise is naturally vital to survival. Also starring in the series are Drew Roy, Connor Jessup, Maxim Knight, Seychelle Gabriel, Colin Cunningham, Mpho Koaho, Sarah Carter and Doug Jones.

Noah Wyle

In other TNT news, the network also released the trailer for Howard Gordon's new drama Legends, starring Sean Bean. Check that out here.

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