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In about a month, HBO’s megahit Game of Thrones will finally be returning to the small screen. After waiting patiently for a year, we’ll finally be able to see the denizens of Westeros continue their journey to power. While the series is full of interesting and dynamic characters, some of the most popular players in Game are the female leads. In a world where females typically have very little power, these ladies use their respective skill sets to accomplish their goals, and entertain audiences.

Entertainment Weekly seems to understand the awesomeness of female Game of Thrones characters, and has released six new magazine covers, each featuring one of the show’s leading ladies. Let’s check some of them out.


Probably the most interesting and telling of the covers is Sansa Stark’s. Sansa has been one of the most consistently miserable and victimized characters since her father’s head was chopped off in Season 1. Since then, Sansa has essentially been a pawn and hostage for the entirety Game of Thrones’ long run. The last time we saw Sansa, she and Theon were jumping from a wall in Winterfell to escape the Boltons, and things seemed pretty precarious. However, this cover shows Sansa in a place of strength and womanhood. Actress Sophie Turner has hinted that this season is an important one for Sansa, and one where she may be able to truly take her destiny into her own hands and start playing the game. The EW poster confirms this, and makes me even more excited to see how Sansa continues to grow in the upcoming season.


Another interesting EW cover is Margaery Tyrell’s. Margaery was noticeably absent from the back half of Season 5. After being tricked by Cersei and sold out by Olyvar, she was thrown into the cells beneath the Sept of Baelor. She was last scene finally confronting Cersei and calling her a “hateful bitch” and was not present for the final 3 episodes of the season. Natalie Dormer has stated that Season 6 will begin with Margaery attempting to manipulate and appease the High Sparrow enough to be freed from the cells. In this magazine cover, she appears to have succeeded but surely looks stripped of her naivety. One of the plotlines I’m most excited to see is how Cersei and Margaery coexist now that their true feelings have been revealed.
Aside from the two covers shown above, Arya, Cersei, Daenerys, and Brienne all have covers of their own. They’re pretty standard, but definitely worth checking out. Especially because Arya’s eyes aren’t the cloudy white we last saw her with.

Game of Thrones returns to HBO April 24th, 2016.

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