Wonder Woman Pilot Photos And Details, Including Swearing And Katy Perry Jokes

While the Wonder Woman pilot may not be going to series, there may be some of you out there who are still mourning what might have been and interested in what actually was, but wasn't enough. If that's the case, there are some new details on the pilot and a few photos featuring Wonder Woman in and out of costume.

iFanboy.com posted a critique of the pilot and how the unfinished episode compared to the script they read previously. Apparently, a running joke about a Katy Perry lawsuit was removed, as were numerous “groan inducing” pop-culture references and a scene involving Wonder Woman running past various people dressed as cartoon characters.

he script also indicated that there will be bleeped out cursing in the series which no longer occurs, though in a meeting about a ridiculously endowed Wonder Woman doll Diana does say the word “tits” twice and "ass" once.

There's a photo on iFanboy that appears to be related to the scene about the doll. As for bleeping out swear words, I'm of the mindset that a gimmick like that only works well on shows like The Office or Modern Family where there's a mocumentary-style of story telling. Bleeping out a curse on a drama series on TV doesn't make sense and is in line with the awkward dubbing you hear over swear words when movies are edited for television broadcast. Doing it intentionally seems silly.

Over all, it sounds like iFanboy thinks the pilot was an improvement on the original script, but clearly it wasn’t enough to win NBC over as the network passed on it. As for whether or not the pilot will be released to view online, iFanboy doesn’t think the odds are likely, considering the version they saw was unfinished. As they point out, it’s unlikely anyone’s going to shell out money to finish a pilot that’s not going to series.

Below is another photo from the pilot and you can check out bigger versions of all four images posted at iFanboy.com.

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