Zachary Quinto Will Return To American Horror Story For Season 2

Zachary Quinto only appeared in a few episodes of the first season of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s dark and twisty FX horror-drama series American Horror Story, but his performance certainly was memorable. If not, he played Chad, one of the former (current-ish) residents of the Harmon’s house. And today it’s been confirmed that he’ll be returning for Season 2 for an even bigger role.

Yesterday we learned that Jessica Lange was set to return to American Horror Story for its second season, playing an entirely new character. As the series is set to relocate to a new set-up for Season 2, that sort of makes sense, plus it allows us to speculate over what kind of character Lange will be taking on next. And now we can do the same for Zachary Quinto.

According to the Deadline, Quinto will return for Season 2, not as a recurring character as he was in Season 1, but as a series regular and in a brand new role in the second season, which is set to take place in an East Coast institution. Per Deadline, Quinto will be playing one of two male leads and he will be a nemesis to Jessica Lange’s character.

The darker side of Quinto is something fans of his should be familiar with. His Season 1 character wasn’t exactly the happiest guy ever, and then of course, there’s Sylar, the role he played on NBC’s Heroes, which helped launch Quinto to stardom. It should be interesting to see what kind of guy he'll be playing when AHS returns.

Deadline says there are three other actors from Season 1 set to return next season. We’ll hopefully learn the names soon enough.

Kelly West
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