One of the winners for Fox last year among the network's new shows was New Girl. The comedy series, which stars Zooey Deschanel as a single woman living with a bunch of guys, is set to return for its second season next week. Now comes word that Deschanel is developing another female-focused comedy for Fox.

Deadline says Deschanel is set to executive produce a comedy pilot written by New Girl consulting producer J.J. Philbin. Titled Must Be Nice, the comedy project received a script commitment by Fox.

The pilot will focus on the generation gap between two sisters, one of whom is 34 and the other 27. The younger of the two moves in with the older, more responsible sibling. The younger is described as chaotic and single, while the older is said to be responsible and married. Having sisters of my own, I can definitely see the comedic potential for a premise like this, especially when exploring the generation gap. Five years isn't a huge difference but it's just enough for there to be some notable life-distinctions. And with that much of a gap, they might have even grown up a little bit differently. I'm guessing the title (Must Be Nice) is a "grass is greener" remark, with one or both sisters possibly seeing the perks of the other's lifestyle by comparison to their own.

Unless New Girl has a drastic ratings drop in its second season, I don't see that series going anywhere, so it's probably unlikely that Deschanel will cast herself in the project, but her involvement in the comedy is certainly intriguing, especially given the success of New Girl.

Fox seems to be in the habit of spreading their talent around. Just a little while ago, we shared the news that Family Guy's Seth MacFarlane was developing a comedy for Fox.

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