A Kings Fan Vomited On The Court During The Jazz Game, And Of Course The Video Is Gross

Jordan Clarkson laughing after a fan threw up during the Kings/ Jazz game.
(Image credit: NBC Sports)

You never quite know what might happen at a live sporting event. You don’t know which team might win or which players might play well or how much of an impact the officiating might have on the game. Apparently, you also don’t know if someone sitting in the first row will vomit all over the court, causing a delay in the action as security works to clean up the mess and eject the dude from his seat. 

That’s what happened last night at the Kings/ Jazz game. A dude sitting in the front row, who may or may not have had too much to drink, just let loose multiple times on the court. The vomit caused the gentleman sitting next to him to immediately get the hell out, and the game was quickly stopped to allow security to start cleaning things up. There was later a second round of vomiting before the unnamed individual was given the ejection from the arena. The incident was so noticeable that it also became a major topic of conversation on the broadcast. You can check out the video below from BallIsLife

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Can you imagine paying however much money for courtside seats and then a dude just unleashes right next to you like he went on a ten game beer pong run at a frat party? I love it and can sort of relate. I was at a Chicago Cubs game a few years ago (not in the front row) when some lady started making weird sounds a couple rows behind us. Everyone turned just in time to see her vomit all over her own lap. All the rows around her, including the one I was in, cleared out like a bomb went off, and she was left to continue unloading on herself and the now empty seats in front of her. She too was ejected. They had to send in a whole cleaning crew, which took like 20 minutes. It was really gross at the time, but I’ve probably thought and laughed about it a few dozen times since it happened.

So, long story short, yeah, this is gross, but sometimes all you can do is laugh about something like this. The players, who are close enough to see what's going on in the crowd, were clearly having a grand old time clowning on this poor dude, and even the announcers got into it a little bit. That’s, in my opinion, to be expected. If you're an announcer, you need to respond to what's going on without an agenda, even if it's weird or uncomfortable. Sometimes that means ripping the players for being bad, and sometimes it means commenting on a cat running on the field. Or if you're Bill Walton, you can just do whatever you want.

Now, obviously, if this is some kind of medical issue, then I feel bad for having a laugh, but if this was drinking related, as it may have been, then you have to expect to hear about it. We’ve all been there. We all heard it from our buddies the next day. This is the same thing, just on a much larger and more public scale.

The game later continued after a delay. Unfortunately for the Sacramento Kings and their fans in attendance, it didn’t go quite so well for the home team. The Kings were hammered by 18 by the Utah Jazz, thanks in part to 26 points from Donovan Mitchell and 21 and 14 for Rudy Gobert.

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