All American: Homecoming Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before

Some of the main cast of All American: Homecoming.
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Another day, another spinoff, am I right? With so many amazing shows receiving spinoffs lately, it may be hard to keep up, such as with the upcoming House of the Dragon. Luckily for you All American fans, there’s another spinoff to keep track of now, and that’s All American: Homecoming.

A spinoff, obviously, of the popular CW series, All American, this new show follows Simone Hicks from that show as she navigates life at an HBCU, known as Bringston University. With so many young stars, they might look familiar. Here is where you might have seen the All American: Homecoming cast before.  

Geffri Maya in All American: Homecoming.

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Geffri Maya (Simone Hicks)

As the lead of All American: Homecoming, Geffri Maya has become a recognizable face on television, including her big role on All American, which led to her getting the starring role on this spinoff. You also might have seen her in many other shows before. 

These include, but are not limited to, Private Practice, The Pre-Quarter Life Crisis, WTF, Baron Davis, the hit series, Black-ish, Snowfall, and more. She’s also guest-starred in a couple of popular TV shows as well, including Everybody Hates Chris, Finding Carter, and more. Truly, she’s been all over TV, so it wouldn’t be that much of a shocker if you now realize where you've seen her previously. 

Peyton Alex Smith in All American Homecoming.

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Peyton Alex Smith (Damon Sims) 

Next up, we have Peyton Alex Smith, who plays Damon Sims in All American: Homecoming. One of Smith’s biggest roles thus far that you might have seen him in was his portrayal of Rafael Waithe in the popular CW series, Legacies, which will be returning soon - but sadly, Smith won’t be on it, as he left the show.

Some of his other big TV roles include a main part on the series The Quad, as well as several guest roles on shows such as Luke Cage, Tales, and a few others. Smith has also had some experience in movies, with small roles in films such as Detroit, Mad Money, and a couple of others. 

Kelly Jenrette in All American: Homecoming.

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Kelly Jenrette (Amara Patterson) 

One of the older cast members on this list, Kelly Jenrette plays Amara Patterson in All American: Homecoming, and has succeeded in both movies and TV. 

With television, she has had major roles in many shows, such as a voice role in Frisky Dingo, portraying Annelise in Grandfathered, Winona in Limetown, Stacy Knox in Manhunt: Unabomber, and many other guest roles. She also had a major guest role on the popular Hulu series, The Handmaid’s Tale, playing Annie in the episode, “Other Woman," which nabbed her an Emmy nomination

Jenrette has also appeared in many independent films, with some of her highlights being Back to the Goode Life, Audrey, Jinn, and others.  

Cory Hardrict in All American: Homecoming.

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Cory Hardrict (Coach Marcus Turner) 

You can’t have an All American spinoff without sports, and in All American: Homecoming, Cory Hardrict plays Coach Marcus Turner, the coach of the baseball team. Hardrict has been in many movies and TV shows that you might recognize him from. 

Some of his biggest roles have been portraying Luc in Lincoln Heights, Cole Hammond in The Oath, Nate in S.W.A.T., and  Dane in the Showtime series, The Chi. He’s also guest starred in many TV shows, including, but not limited, to Pacific Blue, City of Angels, NYPD Blue, The Shield, ER, CSI: Miami, and many more. 

He also was a part of the Return of the Living Dead film series, playing Cody for a couple of movies, as well as appearing in the movies Battle Los Angeles, Warm Bodies, Lovelace, American Sniper, All Eyez On Me, and more.  

sylvester powell on All American: Homecoming.

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Sylvester Powell (JR) 

Next up we have Sylvester Powell, who plays JR in All American: Homecoming. Before coming to the new show, Powell’s biggest role thus far was portraying Tre on Five Points, as well as many other guest appearances on shows such as The Chosen Ones and Criminal Minds

He also appeared in smaller, independent movies as well, some of which are Two Wolves, 99 North, The Gods, and more. While he hasn’t around as much as some of his co-stars, I’m sure it won’t be long before we see much more of him. 

Camille Hyde in All American: Homecoming.

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Camille Hyde (Thea Mays) 

Moving on, we have Camille Hyde, who plays Thea Mays in All American: Homecoming. Hyde has been in the business for some time, appearing in a variety of TV shows that you might know of. These include, but aren’t limited to, The Thundermans, Power Rangers Dino Charge, American Vandal, Versus, Clip: Mr. Student Body President, and Katy Keene, a spinoff of another popular CW show, Riverdale

So far, the only movie that Hyde has been in was The Wedding Year, a romantic comedy, but hopefully we’ll soon get to see a lot more of her after All American: Homecoming. 

Mitchell Edwards in All American: Homecoming.

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Mitchell Edwards (Cam Watkins) 

Next up, we have Mitchell Edwards, who is playing Cam Watkins in All American: Homecoming. Edwards has been in a couple of TV shows, including playing Severen Johnson Jr. in The Fix, as well as portraying Marcus Holmes in Spinning Out on Netflix. Edwards also played Cam (otherwise known as Cameron) on All American prior to moving over to the spinoff, so I’m sure that you’re quite familiar with the character. 

Edwards has also been in many movies so far in his career, including Roxanne Roxanne, Gorenos, Thriller, The First Purge, and more, and I’m sure that we’re only going to get to see more of him soon. 

Netta Walker in All American: Homecoming.

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Netta Walker (Keisha McCalla) 

Last, but not least, we have Netta Walker, who plays Keisha McCalla in All American: Homecoming. Walker is still a bit new to Hollywood, so she hasn’t had the chance to be in as much as her co-stars just yet, but even so, she’s still appeared in a variety of roles. 

She had a guest appearance on the popular show, Chicago Fire, as well as a guest appearance on The Big Leap. She also played Claire in the comedy-drama, Come As You Are. 

Who stood out to you the most from All American: Homecoming? Now you have an idea of where they've all been before, and who knows? You just might find a new favorite TV show to watch next featuring these talented actors. 

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