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Legacies Finally Has A Return Date, But I Still Have Two Questions That Need Answers

Danielle Rose Russell as Hope in Legacies.
(Image credit: Nathan Bolster/The CW)

The Originals spinoff Legacies has been on a winter hiatus following its midseason finale. The good news? A return date has finally been announced. Legacies will return on Thursday, Feb. 24 and given the events in the season thus far, it should be a wild ride. After star Kaylee Bryant’s exit, there’s going to be a huge hole to fill in the supernatural drama, raising even more questions from my point of view. 

Kaylee Bryant’s Josie Saltzman was a key player on Legacies. For a while, it looked like she’d be able to bring Hope back to her normal self, and bring out her humanity again since the two have such a strong emotional connection. It was even teased at one point that Hope's death was imminent. At the same time, now the Merge is no longer happening thanks to a loophole, Lizzie is left to pick up the pieces and live life as a vampire-witch hybrid. Now, though, I have even more questions ahead of the series' return.

Can Hope Still Return To Her Humanity Side?

Early on in Season 4, Hope did the one thing we never thought she’d do and that is turn off her humanity. The decision came after she finally defeated Malivore, as it came at the cost of Landon getting killed. While some had hoped that after talking to her Originals Aunt Rebekah, Hope would come around, but no matter what Rebekah did, Hope wouldn’t listen. 

Now with Josie gone, her using her dark magic to subdue Hope is out of the question. Is Hope gone for good or can her humanity still be turned back on? Hope’s dark side has come out this season, from putting Alaric in the hospital to killing Lizzie to turning on her aunt, and she’s not stopping for anyone. It’s still possible that Hope will eventually turn her humanity back on, and we know the team definitely won't be giving up, but it’s going to take something, or someone, big enough to do that. Will Josie return at some point to help? Can Landon even come back to life? As I said, questions.

Jenny Boyd as Lizzie Saltzman in Legacies.

(Image credit: Nathan Bolster/The CW)

What Does Lizzie’s New Heteric Form Mean?

Also in the midseason finale, Lizzie came into a new form as a vampire-witch hybrid after being resurrected after Hope killed her. This new hybrid form is a Heteric, and it could actually be the answer to what she and the rest of the Salvatore students need to break Hope. We’ve seen that she isn’t afraid to get tough, especially when it comes to Hope. Plus, after she killed her, Lizzie will be out for revenge.

But with her new form comes new responsibilities and new powers to control. Lizzie will likely put her vampire side on the sidelines until she gets it perfect, but time is not on her side so she will definitely feel the pressure. With Alaric still out of commission, it will be interesting to see who serves as her mentor, if she even has one, and what it will mean for the remaining episodes of the season.

Just what will happen on Legacies for the rest of Season 4? Don’t miss the midseason premiere on Thursday, Feb. 24 at 9 p.m. EST on The CW!

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