Andy Cohen Actually Responded To A Twitter User That Got Snarky About His New Year's Program With Anderson Cooper

New Year’s Eve Live With Anderson Cooper And Andy Cohen
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Well, people, we are almost at the end of yet another year. As usual, one way to clear the decks and get ready for whatever hopefully lovely things are to come is for lots of us to put on flimsy finery and go out on New Year’s Eve. But! If the idea of joining revelers at varying degrees of nuttiness fills you with dread, guess what? You can always get your drink on at home and watch Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper party the night away in heated clothes on CNN. Now, though, after someone on social media got snarky with Cohen about those festivities, he actually responded. 

How Did Andy Cohen Respond To A Snarky Comment About CNN's New Year's Eve Live?

I think many of us would agree that this year has both flown by and also been somewhat of a confusing, maddening slog (for a number of not-so-delightful reasons). However, we’re now deep in the holiday season (which has gifted us with a number of entries on the 2022 Christmas movie schedule), and there will be several New Year’s Eve celebrations to watch on TV before long. One of those is the frequently wild and wildly unpredictable New Year's Eve Live on CNN, but the Real Housewives mastermind recently felt the need to reply to a snarky Twitter user who is not at all happy about the show:

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Well, alright, Andy! That’s certainly one way to respond when someone calls you an “idiot,” you and your co-host both “clowns,” and declares that the network that has let you lead New Year’s fun since 2017 (Cooper’s been there since 2002) “could do much better” than both of you. 

Truth be told, while viewers can watch a number of celebrations on television at the end of every year, the Cohen/Cooper fest has been known for many years to be the most likely to go somewhat off the rails and lead to many viral moments. The Watch What Happens Live host has railed against Times Square umbrella policy on air, ranted about outgoing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and openly admitted to “getting smashed on CNN” as he and the other anchors who are a part of the event make no bones about drinking on live TV and letting frequently inappropriate comments fly.

Obviously, a lot of fans adore watching often serious news anchors let loose on one of the major party-and-booze-centric nights of the year, but with a bit of a leadership change at the channel, Variety reports that some of the imbibing which has led to such surprising and funny NYE viral moments might now come to an end. Let’s all hope that, if that does come to pass, we’ll still get at least some of the random weirdness that this special is known for.

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