Andy Cohen Admits There Are Real Housewives He Hates And Shares Why He Won't Follow Any Of 'Em On Instagram

Essentially, Andy Cohen is viewed by many fans as almost like the Santa Claus or Godfather of the Real Housewives franchise. He executive produces the various shows and presides over their drama-filled reunion specials, which makes it no wonder that it seems like the castmates are ever-eager to be on his good side. (Both figuratively and literally.) Unfortunately for them, the longtime Bravo host admitted that there are indeed some among them he hates. Cohen has also shared why none of them (including the favored) are getting that follow back on his Instagram.

Along with being the Real Housewives kingpin, Andy Cohen headlines his infamous talk show Watch What Happens Live, where celebs pop in to partake shotskis and to dish about their lives. He took some questions from the live studio audience before a recent WWHL taping and, boy, did they get some tea out of him. One fan pointed out that Cohen doesn't follow any Real Housewives stars on Instagram, to which he quickly added the footnote that he follows them all on Twitter. When pushed further on whether he has a “finsta” account where he secretly follows only those he likes, the host was surprisingly candid, saying:

I have a finsta, and I don't follow any of the Housewives on my finsta, neither. The issue is, if I follow one housewife, I have to follow all of them because it's only fair.

Another audience member asked specifically if he hates any of the Real Housewives cast members he’s known in the last decade and a half. The TV personality would only cryptically say “maybe one or two.” That seemingly works for his finsta alibi as well. If he can't follow the Bravo ladies due to “fairness,” he also doesn't have to follow those he really dislikes, as a result. Win-win.

Again, Andy Cohen names no names – but we can assume by his answers to some of the other questions who is at least on the nice list. For example, he speculated that he would go on vacation with the likes of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams, Beverly HillsKyle Richards and Salt Lake City’s Heather Gay. Cohen also noted that he would bring back Phaedra Parks into the Atlanta fold if he could because he “loves” her. On who the host missed the most out of ex franchise stars, Cohen answered “maybe” Vicki Gunvalson, as well as Bethenny Frankel. (The last admission was more than a little surprising considering that Frankel has slammed the franchise and Cohen in the past.)

Though viewers got some juicy insight out of the host, the work is best left to the professional himself. Of late, the talk show and New Year’s Eve icon has been able to pull deets about a potential Vanderpump Rules love reconnection involving Lala Kent and James Kennedy. Also, Real Housewives of Salt Lake City’s Meredith Marks seemed to confirm her co-star Mary Cosby’s exit from their show in a guest stint recently.

Exactly who Andy Cohen has beef with among the Real Housewives remains an unsolved mystery. (My money’s on Erika Jayne or possibly Kenya Moore, both of whom are known to go toe-to-toe with Cohen). The real question now, though, is whose going to do the dirty work of tracking down Andy Cohen’s finsta account…?

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