Chrissy Teigen Is Back To Hilariously Trolling Herself On Instagram

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If Kim Kardashian is synonymous with bikini pics, then Chrissy Teigen is probably most synonymous with trolling. Her pithy remarks often went over well on Lip Sync Battle, but they did result in a serious backlash last year when they were directed at others, prompting some lifestyle changes on her part. The former supermodel still has some jokes, though. She is in fact back to hilariously trolling herself for the entertainment of the masses on Instagram, and I’m here for it.

We love a good online roast at the hands of a celeb, but there’s a time and a place for everything, and Chrissy Teigen apparently found the right time and place to crack a joke at her own expense this time. The 36-year-old former Lip Sync Battle host, in particular, had some of her signature self-deprecating humor for the 'Gram recently. Along with a selfie pic, Teigen casually wrote on one post, “big head but long legs so I’ll take it.” See here:

Prior to the dig at her head size, Chrissy Teigen has also been trolling others (in a more lighthearted way) this week. For Valentine's Day, she likewise shared the personal card she received from her husband John Legend, saying she was “dead” at its obvious lack of flowery language and how he “saves it all for the songs.” On Tuesday, she posted another pic on Instagram of herself leaning casually against a glass staircase with a ton of personally framed images lining the walls. Evidently, she can read my mind because the star only captioned it with “you’re just gonna zoom in on all the pics aren’t you.” (I did – and it’s the dog in flower crowns that does it for me.)

Chrissy Teigen's life isn't all joking about her husband or commenting on various cosmetic procedures or trolling herself. Not too long ago, she was mistaken for a Khloe Kardashian lookalike. Unfortunately, Chrissy Teigen passed up (or didn’t know about) the chance to make a witty retort about all the comparisons. Yet, then again, neither has Kardashian – but she has had much bigger family issues at the moment and is possibly tired of constant takes about her face anyway.

Chrissy Teigen herself has committed to living sober ever since the cyberbullying scandal that rocked her career last year. Last month marked her 6-month sobriety milestone, as a matter of fact, but she's not too excited about it. She says maybe the 5-year mark will do the trick. Living the sober life for a major public figure and consummate Instagram troller sounds like no easy feat. But where there's a will, there's a way and, seemingly, Chrissy Teigen has found a way. 

If you want to revisit Chrissy Teigen's days on Lip Sync Battle, you can find all five seasons streaming with a Paramount+ subscription now.

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