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Ed Sheeran Drops F-Bomb While Explaining Why He Thinks South Park 'Ruined' His Life

Ed Sheeran in Shivers music video
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South Park’s offended plenty of people over the course of its run, especially a plethora of celebrities. With that said, typically chill singer Ed Sheeran took offense to the Comedy Central series long before he became a beloved musician and a Game of Thrones actor and recently dropped an f-bomb while jokingly explaining how the series ruined his life. 

Ed Sheeran recently spoke to Slam Radio (via Wearethemonks) and, after a conversation briefly detoured into whether he drew inspiration from South Park, the singer had to open up about the Season 9 episode that's apparently despised by redheads everywhere. Sheeran may dislike the episode a little more than most, though, as it was seemed to be somewhat devastating for him on a personal level:

Having red hair in England was always a thing that people took the piss out of you for, but it was never something in America. People never knew what a ginger was in America... That episode of South Park fucking ruined my life… I was going to America, and everyone was like, ’I love your hair dude.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, people like my hair?’ And then I remember that episode coming out and that was just it worldwide for the rest of my life.

As a redhead roughly around the same age as Ed Sheeran, I can totally confirm the redhead jokes spiked with the release of the South Park episode. One can’t help but feel a little bad for the stormtrooper stand-in after hearing the story, especially since it seems like he tends to get picked on more than most celebrities. This ranges from his performance with Beyoncé to his cameo in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywaker.

The good news is the entertainer isn’t all that mad at South Park in the present. In fact, he mentioned that he’d love to work with creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone in the future, even if they’re going to take a shot directly at him in an upcoming episode:

I love South Park. And, I hope if I’m ever on South Park, them taking the piss [at my expense], I hope I’m allowed to voice my character even if it’s like very offensive. I would love to. I would love to voice my character.

Ed Sheeran’s request definitely isn't out of the ordinary, as a good number of celebrities have voiced themselves on the long-running show over the years. Of course, far more haven’t, and that’s likely due to the subject matter and the joke that was being made at their expense. Sheeran seems like he’s down for anything, though, which should help his chances of appearing in a future episode. If it does happen, one can only hope audiences respond to it better than they did to his Game of Thrones cameo.

South Park’s new season is still in development, but fans can check out the latest installment of its pandemic special with a Paramount+ subscription. The latest installment definitely has some interesting twists fans won’t see coming and will enjoy while they wait for a new season.

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