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Ed Sheeran Responds To Critics After Underdressing In Beyonce Duet

Beyonce Knowles performing at The Grammys

Earlier this week, Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles shared the stage together. Suffice to say, one of these musicians was clearly more fashionable than the other. Queen B was decked out in a gorgeous, extravagant pink gown, which flowed and extended in a variety of different ways. It was an eye-catching fashion item, which isn't something you can say about Sheeran's attire for the evening.

The singer-songwriter wore a simple T-shirt and jeans combo, and it drew a lot of criticism towards Ed Sheeran for looking like "a slob" to some in comparison to the typically fabulous Beyonce. With that, Sheeran commented on the critiques. In fact, you could say Ed Sheeran responded to the criticism directed his way in a comical fashion.

On social media, as it was reported by NME, Ed Sheeran posted a posted of the black T-shirt he wore for the performance, which says "Hoax UK Since 94." He also wrote the following in white text overtop of the shirt picture. Clearly, the musician has a sense of humor about the biting fashion critiques.

Swipe up to get the look. #dresstoimpress

At least Ed Sheeran isn't paying too much mind to the critical comments being directed at him for his fashion choices. Though it has led the Internet to have an interesting discussion on the nature of fashion between men and women, and how women are often expected to be fashionable. Conversely men can often get the liberty to be a little more, shall we say, slack in their choices.

But that's a rich discussion for more knowledgeable people to partake... At least, more knowledgeable people than myself. As it stands, Ed Sheeran commented on the commentary accordingly; he used humor to deflect it.

If you wish to see the performance from Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles at the Perfect Global Citizens Festival earlier this week, you can watch the footage below and you can make your own points and observations about the differences between what Knowles wore and what Sheeran wore there.

This is not the first time that Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles have performed together, and there's a good chance they'll perform together again in the future -- what they wear for those duets, however, will be left unknown. Will Sheeran make sure to step up his fashion game, lest he ends up criticized once upon for "slacking" it? Or will he continue to wear what he likes, believing it's true to his character and image? We'll just have to see.

In any case, no matter what Ed Sheeran and Beyonce Knowles decide to wear, together or separate, we'll give you the news whenever it arrives. And we'll continue to keep you posted on the latest news in film, television, video games, pop culture and a whole lot more right here at CinemaBlend.

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