Ed Sheeran Admits He Took Taylor Swift To A Bar Once And Nobody Noticed

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift in

This week in weird news, Ed Sheeran apparently loves taking his pals to a local bar, or what they’d call a pub across the pond. He’s done it more than once, per his own admittance, and generally it seems as if people do notice when other famous folks tag along. However, the “Perfect” singer recently revealed he once dropped by his favorite bar with Taylor Swift and people didn’t seem to “clock” it was her.

While Ed Sheeran has not named his local pub, apparently it’s at least reasonably common for him to take some famous faces to the location in Suffolk. Speaking during an episode of Kiss Breakfast, the singer said he’s taken Stormzy and others to the pub. Sometimes it goes well, other times it doesn’t, but Sheeran said that when he took Taylor Swift, no one noticed at all.

I took Taylor [Swift] there once, but when I took Taylor no one really clocked [it was her]. It was like a week later that the person behind the bar was like, ’Did you bring Taylor Swift in here last week? And I was like, ‘Yeah.’ Like, no one clocked it at the time.

I suppose things could have been worse, as the “Bad Habits” singer also said that when he took rapper Stormzy everyone in the pub did notice and tried to be funny on top of that, in the totally awkward way only the people in your local bar could be. So, at least Taylor Swift was saved from that fate.

Though she’s never been one to really shy away from fan interactions, and will occasionally visit a sick fan or even crash a wedding, in general T-Swizzle likes to be a little bit mysterious with her fanbase. She likes to hide clues and play games with her biggest fans online surrounding her releases and she also interacts with fans in this way, which allows her to maintain a distance but still be interactive.

So, I suppose the fact she was able to get out and about with Ed Sheeran and maintain such a low profile despite being one of the most famous pop culture figures in the world, certainly adds to that aura of mystery she likes to keep about her. Though the fact a bartender did ask a week later could also indicate that people noticed and were simply too shy to say something.

Sheeren has friends in unexpected places, plus he and Swift have collaborated before, on her song “Everything Has Changed” as part of her Red release in 2012. This event also seems to have happened a while ago, as Sheeran also notes the last time he really brought someone to town was pre-pandemic. Plus, it’s worth mentioning that during Covid he and his wife Cherry Seaborn had a baby and so he had his own pub built on his property that he and his friends can get to via an underground tunnel from the house. Yes, really. So, I suppose in the future, if he wants to bring celebs to the “pub” there should be even less fanfare.

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