Heidi Klum's The Latest Celebrity To Go Pants-Free, And This Time There's Pie Involved

Much of Heidi Klum’s career has been directly linked to fashion. She wore clothes as a supermodel. She judged clothes as a host on Project Runway and even had her clothes cut off her as a judge on America’s Got Talent. This week, however, she took some of those clothes off to become the latest celebrity to go pants-free during the era of Covid-19. She took things one step further, however, because instead of wearing bottoms, she decided to wear some pie.

I know that might sound like the setup to an elaborate joke, but I mean it. Heidi Klum went pants-free, opting to wear a plate of pie instead. She topped that off with a slew of jewelry around her neckline. She dropped a picture of herself in bed, with the carefully placed plate of pie, and not surprisingly, fans couldn’t get enough of the shot on Instagram. It quickly ran well past one hundred thousand likes and that count is still climbing. You can check it out below…

First of all, I have to acknowledge Heidi Klum, not surprisingly, still looks tremendous at forty-eight. I don’t know what her secret is, but I suspect it might involve how much fun she has both at work and in her personal life. She always seems to have be having a great time during her judging stints on various reality shows, and her Instagram account is full of fun moments. In fact, recently she had a whole series of Halloween pictures that looked like she had the best time, or at least as good of a time as the shot she gave us watching the sunrise.

Of course, she’s far from the first celebrity to stop relying on pants during the pandemic. A whole host of celebrities went through this phase during quarantine. Alexandra Daddario dropped some pictures and asked why anyone bothers to wear pants in the first place. Halle Berry has posted a series of fun snaps without bottoms over the last few months. Chilling at home left us with plenty of options. 

Even Spider-man himself Tom Holland got caught doing interviews with a suit jacket and no pants on, something the Russo Brothers later amusingly called him out over. If you can pull it off, why not? And the list doesn't even end there, as more recently Bella Thorne opted to also go pantless for a her birthday photoshoot.

Luckily for Heidi Klum, she can basically pull anything off, particularly when fashion is involved. Sometimes that means really loud animal prints and in this cast that involves a plate of pie. Keep being yourself, Heidi. It’s an inspiration, but perhaps more importantly, it's also a reminder that it’s never too early or late for dessert.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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