How NCIS' Brian Dietzen Just Hit A Major Milestone With The CBS Show

Brian Dietzen as Dr. Jimmy Palmer on NCIS
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Long-running CBS procedural NCIS has been seeing some changes for Season 19, between its new night and the departure of original cast member Mark Harmon. One change the show is set to experience soon will arrive with an upcoming episode, and it should be welcomed by fans It's actually less of a change and more of a milestone, though, for star Brian Dietzen, as he will be writing a future episode of NCIS!

The actor, who’s been portraying Dr. Jimmy Palmer since Season 1, took to Instagram to share the very exciting news with fans. He’s written the script for the 13th episode of Season 19. He discussed the news in an exciting manner, saying:

You guys, I got to write a script of @ncis_cbs with my pal @mostxsw and it’s been a great adventure so far. We jump into filming this bad boy after the Thanksgiving weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s my first time writing for the show, and it’s been a great experience. I’ll keep you guys updated along the way. So pumped to share this with you all. Giving many thanks this week!

Since the star has the episode title covered in the photo he included, there's not even any small indication as to what the episode will actually be about. There is a chance it could thrust Jimmy into the spotlight. Regardless, it'll be interesting to see what he brings, as a writer, to the series he's starred on for so long. You can see the actor's post in its entirety down below:

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Plenty of TV stars have made the jump from acting to directing and/or writing when it comes to their respective shows. For instance, years ago, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson wrote episodes of The X-Files, while Chad Michael Murray even penned an installment of One Tree Hill. Hopefully, this will only be the beginning for the NCIS star, whether it’d be writing for his own show or a different series.

Brian Dietzen is not the only star of the crime procedural to step into something new as of late, either. It was recently announced that co-star Wilmer Valderrama is developing a new series for CBS. Fans may be worried that he could leave his current show, yet the new one is still in the early stages of production, meaning things are far from set in stone. Perhaps Dietzen can team up with Valderrama and contribute some writing on the new project.

You can help but be happy for the star as he steps into this new role after nearly 20 seasons. At least one other series alum has also held an additional title. Michael Weatherly, who portrayed NCIS Senior Field Agent Anthony DiNozzo for the first 13 seasons, directed two episodes. With this, maybe the Jimmy Palmer actor will be tempted to take to the director's chair next. Well, see!

Season 19, Episode 13 of NCIS, directed by the show’s very own Brian Dietzen, will likely premiere on CBS sometime in early 2022. And fans can binge classic episodes by streaming them on Paramount+.

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