After Wilmer Valderrama Announces New TV Project, Of Course NCIS Fans Have Thoughts

Wilmer Valderrama has been portraying Nick Torres on the long-running CBS procedural NCIS since Season 14, but now he has a new project in the works. It was recently announced that he is part of the development process for the new comedy, Mexican Beverly Hills, which is being set up to his home network and some fans have thoughts.

The That ‘70s Show alum posted the big news to his Instagram when news broke and while Wilmer Valderrama is clearly excited to be working on a new project, some NCIS fans were freaking out over the thought that Nick Torres may be leaving the series. One fan was excited for the actor while at the same time, worried that he will be departing from NCIS:

Whatever you are working on, it will be great! Just please don’t ever leave NCIS.

It should be noted that, according to Deadline, the series is being developed by Wilmer Valderrama (who had some good news on the personal front earlier this year), Erick Galindo and Aaron Izek, with Valderrama also executive producing under the NCIS star’s WV Entertainment. So Valderrama is on board the new show, but not necessarily as an actor. Even so, fans are still worried that this could be the end of either Nick Torres, or NCIS as a whole:

Sounds like this could be the end for NCIS? I figured when they put you guys on Mondays and competing against MNF.

Despite the major career news that has some worried about his future on NCIS, there are still plenty of people who are excited for this new development. Whether it means that Wilmer Valderrama is leaving NCIS or not is still up in the air, but some fans are still looking forward to it:

Niice, will definitely be watching out for this.

Wilmer Valderrama has worked on numerous projects during NCIS before. While the most recent ones were movies and voice roles, fans shouldn’t have to worry too much. And most aren’t, as some are simply congratulating him different languages:

Mil bendiciones y felicidades. @wilmervalderrama saludos desde México!!!!

It’s not clear on whether or not he will be starring in the new project or just serving as developer and executive producer. It should also help that Mexican Beverly Hills is in development at CBS, the same home as NCIS. It’s likely easier to work on another show that is at the same network your other show is on. 

Hopefully Wilmer Valderrama will still be Nick Torres on NCIS because the show would not be the same without him! Actors have balanced working on two shows at once before, so maybe it will work out that way even if he is starring in it. Besides, it would be a shame to lose another NCIS character so soon after Bishop and Gibbs.

Fingers crossed that this isn’t the end of Nick Torres or NCIS but whatever the case may be, Mexican Beverly Hills sounds like an intriguing show that follows a working-class Mexican-American family who moves into the city of Downey, so hopefully CBS picks it up to series!

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