Ken Jennings Defends Simu Liu After Fans Kept Giving Him 'Tips' About His Jeopardy! Game

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Celebrity Jeopardy! is well underway with a bunch of big stars competing to win cash prizes for their respective charities of choice. The show proved how intense the triva competition can get with its series premiere, in which Marvel star Simu Liu won out by doubling his score in the Final Jeopardy round, beating Conan’s Andy Richter in a last second victory. A shocked Liu advanced to the semi-finals, but his impressive performance didn't stop fans from putting in their two cents with advice for how Liu should approach the game. Ken Jennings, who co-hosts the daily syndicated iteration, came to the Marvel star’s defense in saying that playing  Jeopardy! on-stage is much harder than it looks from home.

After his successful first outing on Celebrity Jeopardy! aired on ABC, Liu expressed his bemused annoyance at some of the messages fans were sending him on Twitter. He pointed out that just about everything within the high-pressure environment during filming affects one's abilities, which obviously isn't clear to those critiquing contestants from home. Check out his tweet below.

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Ken Jennings seconded that notion with his comment, saying that the Jeopardy! stage can intimidate anyone, even superheroes like Simu Liu. 

Playing Jeopardy! is intense! Even super-heroes can be pushed to their limits!

Jennings would definitely understand how nerve-wracking the Jeopardy! stage can be. In addition to being one of the permanent new hosts, Jennings is the biggest winner of all time. During his run on the popular game show, he won 74 times in a row, earning $2,522,700, and also emerged victorious from several tourneys over the yeras, including the Ultimate Tournament of Champions and his epic GOAT tournament win, contributing to a total count of $4,522,700.

While Liu may not be anywhere close to matching the multiple records set by Jennings over the years, his performance in this week’s Celebrity Jeopardy! premiere was impressive. He has already won $23,200 in the tournament, and is moving on to the next round. This performance is particularly notable because this was the first time the latest format change was introduced. The celebrity-infused spinoff sparked the addition of a “Triple Jeopardy” round, which has never been included in the game show before, and could potentially impact strategies going forward, even if these eps aren't quite as hardcore as the flagship's. Liu clearly doesn’t need any tips from Twitter, as he clearly was able to navigate the change and win big. 

To see if Simu Liu will come away with the mega-prize for his charity of choice, Celebrity Jeopardy!, airs on Sunday nights on ABC at 8:00 p.m. ET. In the meantime, you can watch him face different kinds of intense opponents in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, currently streaming with a Disney+ subscription. In addition, for more information regarding future tournaments airing later this year, keep an eye on our 2022 television premiere schedule. 

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