Law And Order: SVU’s Ice-T Reveals How He’d Like His Character To End (And Crossover Potential!)

Law & Order: SVU is currently airing Season 23, having crossed the 500th episode milestone late last year. Although the series still has at least one more season left, some of the cast are already thinking about how their character’s journey could end. Ice-T, who has been portraying Sergeant Odafin “Fin” Tutuola since the second season, is opening up about his future on SVU and potential crossovers.

Ice-T discussed SVU’s eventual end with Mashed, as well as Fin's. With a show like Law & Order, character exits could be anywhere between a retirement, a different job, or even killed on the job. The rapper has thought about how Fin could die if the writers go that route, and he is thinking big:

If I got to go, I want to go in a blaze of glory. Blow me up in a car. I want to be murdered!

Honestly, I don’t blame Ice-T for wanting Fin to go out swinging. While it’s definitely nice and less stressful for a character to leave before anything permanently bad happens to them, a big death just makes the show more interesting and changes the series moving forward.

But just because Ice-T is thinking about how Fin could go, that doesn’t mean that he has plans on leaving SVU any time soon. With the franchise part of the bigger Wolf Universe along with One Chicago and FBI, there are plenty of ways for him to still show up and not be on SVU:

Law & Order could end and I could be climbing a ladder on Chicago Fire. I could be over on [Criminal Intent], so maybe I don't want to die ... We'll see. I don't have any plans of going anywhere.

It doesn’t sound like Ice-T plans on going anywhere any time soon, and even if he does, there are still plenty of shows that he could go to instead. That is if they don’t actually kill off Fin. Law & Order: SVU would not be the same without him, so it’s hard to imagine Ice-T leaving before the show ends. Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

Since Law & Order: SVU has been on for so long, the series has gone through multiple rotating cast members over the years. Perhaps if he does leave before the show ends, Ice-T can pull a Christopher Meloni and get his own spin-off, or join the ranks of a different Dick Wolf series. Whatever the case may be, it sounds like we shouldn’t be worried about SVU losing Fin Tutuola any time soon.

That is the great thing about being part of an expanded television universe, there are so many options and opportunities to come back that they are endless. For now, it doesn’t look like SVU has an end in sight, nor does Ice-T have any other plans. He is still making music, but fans shouldn’t have to worry about Fin just yet. This means that Ice-T can also continue crushing Ryan Buggle in video games.

New episodes of Law & Order: SVU return on Thursday, April 7 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC! Check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 winter and spring TV schedule to see what else to look out for.

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