Oh My God, He's Back (In Shape) Again: Nick Carter Debuts Weight Loss In New Photo

If you’re going to rock your body, you have to feel good about your body. The Backstreet Boys are still at it three decades after the boy band first formed, and with the group being known almost as much for its energetic choreography as the singers' harmonies, staying in shape is a vital part of getting back out on the road. Nick Carter knows this all too well, and he recently showed off the results of his efforts. Yes, sir, Backstreet’s back!

The Backstreet Boys’ music is an integral part of any 1990s playlist, but to look at Nick Carter and his bandmates — Howie Dorough, AJ McLean, Brian Littrell and Kevin Richardson — you’d never think nearly 30 years have passed. Surely their high-energy dance routines have required them to stay in shape — and helped them do so — but it’s a fair assumption to make that it doesn’t come as easily as it did when they were teenagers. Carter debuted his weight loss with before-and-after photos on Instagram recently, saying he quit playing games and focused on his health for the past few months. 

It’s not like Nick Carter was that out of shape to begin with, but you can really tell the difference, and comparing his smiles in the before and after pics, he looks like he feels much better now that he’s minus that 10 pounds. I’m sure when you’re jumping around on stage every night, giving all he has to give, every pound counts. 

BSB fans have got to be pumped as well, to know that the singer is motivated as the group prepares to head out on the road. The Backstreet Boys are scheduled for a couple of dates in Mexico in May before kicking off the DNA World Tour 2022 on June 4 in Chula Vista, California. The iconic boy band has 45 dates scheduled before the tour wraps in mid-September. No doubt after all these years, Nick Carter knows what kind of preparation is needed and what kind of shape he needs to be in so he can be larger than life on stage.

The Backstreet Boys haven’t toured regularly since early 2020, but Nick Carter and the other Backstreet Boys have kept busy with other ventures. Carter took his singing and dancing abilities to The Masked Singer stage, making it all the way to the Season 4 finale as the Crocodile. Some viewers may have been surprised by the pimp gator’s reveal, but his bandmates sure weren’t. In fact, Carter said AJ McLean called him from his own side gig on Dancing With the Stars to ask if he was the man behind the Croc.

AJ McLean also joined Nick Carter to form a boy band supergroup with N'Sync’s Joey Fatone and Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris for the Las Vegas event “The After Party” in Summer 2021. 

After such a long break, surely Nick Carter is ready to get the OG band back together and hit the road. He credited trainer Anthony Crouchelli and Liteboxer for helping him get back into fighting shape, and that’s the way he likes it. 

Heidi Venable
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