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Why Game Of Thrones Season 8 Should Definitely Include George R.R. Martin's Giant Ice Spiders

Giant ice spiders from the far North were teased way back in Game of Thrones Season 1, and a new image proves they should definitely appear in Season 8. Take a look!

How Game Of Thrones Dominated TV In 2018 Despite Not Airing Any New Episodes

Game of Thrones had a good year in television, which is kind of weird considering the new season isn't until 2019.

One Game Of Thrones Star Has Us Rethinking Everything We've Heard About Season 8

Game of Thrones' Richard Dormer dropped an interesting tease that may suggest fans have been wrong about Season 8 all this time.

Decoding The Game of Thrones Season 8 Dragonstone Teaser

If you thought that teaser had no clues to share, you know NUTHIN.

Game Of Thrones Scripts Have The Answer To Cersei's Pregnancy Debate

Game of Thrones' scripts seem to hold the answer as to whether Cersei is really pregnant.

Don't Expect Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington To Return For Any Spinoffs

If you were hoping to get a glimpse of Kit Harington in one of the proposed prequel shows that HBO is working on to continue expanding the universe of Game of Thrones, consider your hopes officially dashed.

The Game Of Thrones Reunion Special Is Legit, But Won't Be On HBO

There's a Game of Thrones reunion happening, but HBO isn't involved.

Hulu's Four Weddings And A Funeral Series Adds Star From Original Film

An original movie star returns, and a Game of Thrones star lands the recast lead role of Hulu's 2019 series.

Game Of Thrones' George R.R. Martin Clarifies Timeline And More For HBO Prequel

George R.R. Martin has shared some new details on the Game of Thrones' prequel, including the timeline and more!

Why Sansa Stark Should Absolutely Survive The Game Of Thrones Finale

Sansa Stark should survive Game of Thrones' finale and here is why...

2019 Midseason TV And Streaming Premiere Schedule: Dates For New And Returning Shows

Get your remote hand ready because there is a lot of stuff heading to TV this winter, including True Detective, The Blacklist and more.

When Game Of Thrones Season 8 Is Finally Premiering
Sean Bean Thinks Only One Of His Game Of Thrones Kids Will Survive To The End
J.J. Abrams Would Be Honored To Direct Some Of HBO's Game Of Thrones Prequel

Unless you've been hiding under a very large rock since 2011, you know that HBO's Game of Thrones has millions upon millions of fans. One of those fans is director J.J. Abrams, and he says he'd be honored if he were asked to get involved in one of the show's coming prequel series.

Richard Madden Compares Fan Reactions Between Game Of Thrones And His New Netflix Show

Richard Madden compared how fans responded to his performance in The Bodyguard versus his performance in Game of Thrones.

HBO And George R.R. Martin Aren't In Agreement About Game Of Thrones Prequel Title

Apparently George R.R. Martin sent his title raven too soon, so Clarification Is Coming.

HBO Isn’t Happy About Donald Trump’s Game Of Thrones Tweet

Apparently HBO wants to Dracarys the POTUS's non-raven-sent message.

Reading The Game Of Thrones Finale Made Kit Harington Cry Twice

Kit Harington was moved to tears twice while reading Game of Thrones' final season scripts.

Game Of Thrones' Huge Season 8 Battle Will Be Even More Epic Than We Thought

More details have been revealed about a major Game of Thrones battle, and just how massive it will be.

New Game Of Thrones Details Reveal How Season 8 Begins

We still have a wait before Game of Thrones Season 8, but official details about how the season kicks off have finally released.

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