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The Big Reason Peter Dinklage Didn't Originally Want To Star In Game Of Thrones

As part of his new film Cyrano’s Telluride debut, Peter Dinklage took a look back at his career. During the conversation, Game Of Thrones, of course, came up, and the popular actor admitted he originally wasn’t interested in the role

Why Entourage’s Adrian Grenier Won’t Rule Out A Revival Despite ‘Serious’ Issues To Deal With

Adrian Grenier isn't ruling out a possible Entourage revival, despite dealing with "serious" issues.

Game Of Thrones Vet Will Take Over Brad Pitt's Role For Interview With The Vampire TV Show

A GoT vet is new version of Brad Pitt's classic character from Interview With the Vampire.

Jason Momoa Has A Pretty Funny Take When His Sweet Girl Co-Star Admits She Hasn't Seen Game Of Thrones

Jason Momoa had the perfect response when his Sweet Girl co-star admitted she hasn't seen Game of Thrones.

How A Game Of Thrones Joke Inspired Kit Harington For Amazon’s Modern Love

Kit Harington revealed how a Game of Thrones joke inspired him for a new Amazon project.

The Best Fantasy Shows To Stream Right Now

Dragons, monsters, magic, and more - these are the aspects of fantasy TV shows, and here are several you can stream right now.

Kit Harington Talks Mental Health Struggles On Game Of Thrones, But Admits He Loved Peeing Outside

Kit Harington opened up more about his experiences on Game of Thrones.

Doctor Who Already Has An MCU And Sci-Fi Veteran Wanting To Take Over After Showrunner Leaves

After Chris Chibnall leaves Doctor Who, another science fiction veteran has offered to be the next one up to lead the series.

Doctor Who Season 13 Teases Unprecedented Story And Game Of Thrones Alum, But What About Jodie Whittaker?

Doctor Who's [email protected] panel revealed some key things about Season 13, but what about Jodie Whittaker's status?

Did Game Of Thrones Prep Emilia Clarke For Handling Marvel Spoilers? Here’s What The Secret Invasion Star Says

Emilia Clarke kept a lot of details quiet during her Game of Thrones years, but how much does Marvel value that?

How HBO's The Last Of Us Is Shaping Up To Be Its Biggest Show Since Game Of Thrones

HBO's new show, The Last of Us, looks to be massive. How massive? Think Game of Thrones big. Or bigger.

HBO's Game Of Thrones Prequel House Of The Dragon Halts Production Over Positive COVID Test

Here's hoping everything will go smoothly for House of the Dragon when the Game of Thrones spinoff returns to filming.

Game Of Thrones Says Hello To Two New Spinoff Projects, And Farewell To Another

The Game of Thrones world isn't done expanding with two new spinoffs in the works, although another project has been axed.

Check Out Game Of Thrones' Kit Harington And It's Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney Winning TikTok

Rob McElhenney and Kit Harington are an unlikely duo taking TikTok by storm.

Amazon's A League Of Their Own Series Landed An A+ Choice To Fill Tom Hanks' Cleats

Amazon's A League of Their Own reboot series nabbed a Park and Recreation alum for a new take on Tom Hanks' memorable role.

Why Game Of Thrones' Polarizing Final Season Might Actually Have Been A Good Thing For The Franchise

The end of Game of Thrones may not exactly be universally loved, but it's serving a solid point for the franchise overall.

Marvel’s Elizabeth Olsen Recalls Trying Out For Game Of Thrones. It Did Not Go Well.

Game of Thrones and the MCU both could have looked very different if Elizabeth Olsen's audition had panned out.

Game Of Thrones' George R.R. Martin Teases Novels' Ending In The Most GRRM Way Possible

George R.R. Martin still doesn't have the books' ending ready for fans.

Emilia Clarke Has A Major Piece Of Advice For House Of The Dragon's Targaryen Actors

Emilia Clarke had some helpful advice for her fictional ancestors.

Game Of Thrones Star Lena Headey Reveals  Filming One Memorable Scene Was A 'S--t Time'

Lena Headey reveals the GOT scene that even Cersei Lannister thought was rough.

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