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Is Parks and Rec's Li'l Sebastian Crossing Over To The Good Place?

Li'l Sebastian went to horsey heaven on NBC's Parks and Recreation, but now it looks like he might've made it to NBC's The Good Place.

Parks And Rec Predicts History: Real Town Elects An 18-Year-Old Ben As Mayor
Watch TV Themes For The Simpsons, The Office And More Performed By LSU's Band

LSU's band performed an incredible halftime show that featured renditions of TV themes, including The Office, The Simpsons, and more!

Amy Poehler Has Thoughts About A Parks And Rec Revival

The former Parks and Rec leading lady weighs in on a potential revival.

Tina Fey Pitched A 30 Rock And Parks And Rec Spinoff, And We're So Down

Here's what Tina Fey has to say about a 30 Rock/Parks and Recreation spinoff.

Parks and Recreation’s Retta Is Totally Over Treat Yo Self

Treat Yo Self is no longer the best day ever.

The Parks And Rec Cast Might Want A Reunion Even More Than Fans

Could a trip back to Pawnee be in fans' futures? It sounds like Parks and Recreation's stars are more than ready to make it happen.

What Nick Offerman Thinks About A Parks And Recreation Revival

Parks and Rec hilariously starred Nick Offerman as the delightful curmudgeon Ron Swanson, and the actor was recently asked if he'd be down to reprise his role.

The Parks And Recreation Cast Reunited For Galentine’s Day, And It's So Perfect

Buckle up Parks & Rec fans, because a bunch of the cast reunited for the annual holiday.

More Evidence The Good Place And Parks And Recreation Are Set In The Same Universe

Yet another reference to Parks And Recreation was spotted in The Good Place Season 2 finale.

Amy Poehler Reveals Which Parks And Recreation Line Created Donna

Producer and star Amy Poehler recently spoke to Retta's fantastic performance and improv abilities, and revealed the one liner that shaped the character.

Chris Pratt Gets Nostalgic About Parks And Rec, Shares Hilariously Weird Deleted Scene

Before he was Star-Lord or running from dinosaurs, Chris Pratt was the loveable Andy Dwyer on Parks and Recreations. Check out this deleted and super weird scene from the hit sitcom Pratt has shared on social media.

7 Big Fan Theories That Completely Change Beloved TV Shows

Fan theories are a common occurrence online, and these seven completely change the way in which we view some of our favorite TV shows.

The Best Christmas TV Movies And Episodes On Netflix

Here are some of the best Christmas specials, TV episodes, and TV movies currently available on Netflix to get you through the holiday season!

Would Chris Pratt Be Down For More Parks And Recreation? Here's What The Actor Says

Chris Pratt is now known for his rock hard abs and his rolls in dramatic productions, but it wasn't so long ago that he was signed on with NBC's Parks and Recreation playing Andy Dwyer, the goofy and lovable assistant to Pawnee's Leslie Knope.

Who Ron Swanson Would Vote For President, According To Nick Offerman

This election has been hard on a lot of voters, so let's hear the opinion of everyone's favorite anti-government government employee, Ron Swanson, and what he thinks of the candidates.

Nick Offerman Salvaged Wood From The Parks And Rec Set And Turned It Into Greatness

Nick Offerman had so many similarities to his Parks and Rec alter ego Ron Swanson that it could be hard to tell where Offerman ended and Ron began. One hobby that they had in common was woodworking, and Offerman used his carpentry skills to say goodbye to the show in a way that no one else possibly could.

Nick Offerman Understands Why Parks And Rec Fans Are Currently Nauseated By Him

With his signature mustache, actor Nick Offerman has one of the most recognizable faces in entertainment. But when it's been removed, some fans get passionately peeved. Luckily, he's genial enough to understand.

The Scheme That Got Nick Offerman Cast On Parks & Recreation

can you imagine anyone else but Nick Offerman playing the burly, meat-loving outdoorsman Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation? Neither could the excellent Allison Jones, who worked a bit of well-played magic in order to get Offerman on the show.

Parks & Recreation: The 30 Greatest Random Pawnee Side Characters

Parks and Recreation is ending. That is literally the worst. During its seven season run, the NBC comedy managed to populate its fictional small-town with a host of endearing and hilarious characters. There are so many strange and funny people walking the streets that it was hard to cut the best of the best down to 30. Here are the funniest residents of Parks and Recreation’s Pawnee, Indiana...

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