The Bachelor Season 26 Contestants I Want To See On Bachelor In Paradise Season 8

Clayton on The Bachelor
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Welcome to the aftermath of The Bachelor Season 26 ending, the season where so many of the contestants were nurses that the producers had to specify which type of floor they work on in their title cards. There was plenty of drama between the ladies in the house this past season, which ultimately ended with fan-favorites Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia earning spots on the first ever dual season of The Bachelorette. The announcement was made at the Women Tell All, which was packed with fights, name-calling, drama, and plenty of tears.

Luckily for Bachelor Nation, Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 was just confirmed, so we’ll get to see some of the girls from Clayton’s season hash out their drama once and for all on the beach. The Gabby and Rachel Show is set to premiere on July 11, and BIP is likely to begin filming shortly after the conclusion. Here are The Bachelor Season 26 contestants I’d love to see get their second chance at love on Bachelor in Paradise

Teddi and Clayton on The Bachelor

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They say the winner of the first impression rose never wins the whole season. Unfortunately for Teddi, that turned out to be true when she was eliminated just before Hometowns.

During the very loud Women Tell All, Teddi took a moment to show her vulnerable side and open up about her insecurities in romantic relationships. It was one of the most authentic moments of the night, and Teddi seems like she’s really grown as a person since her time on the show. She shared that her self-worth is no longer tied to acceptance or approval from men, so I think Teddi is ready to head to Mexico with her new sense of self. 

Marlena on The Bachelor

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Can you say “out of Clayton’s league”? Marlena is literally a former Olympian, having competed for Haiti in track and field at the 2012 London Summer Olympics. She was also pretty much the only person to give Clayton props at the Women Tell All, meaning she probably isn’t harboring any hard feelings leftover from Season 26.

This is a woman who knows who she is and isn’t afraid to call out women who aren’t playing nice, and that’s some energy we’ll definitely need in Paradise.

Genevieve on The Bachelor

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Despite making it to week seven, Genevieve found it hard to open up to Clayton while on The Bachelor and ended up being sent home after the group therapy date. The breakup seemed mostly amicable, and both Clayton and Geneveive seemed to agree they just hadn’t progressed enough in their relationship.

Genevieve was the one to finally end Shanae’s reign at the two-on-one date, so there’s definitely a storm brewing between the two—especially since Shanae decided to accuse Genevieve of sleeping with Aaron Clancy from Katie’s season at the Women Tell All.

I need to see how Genevieve is doing these days. More importantly, I need to see what kind of insults she’s come up with for Shanae, and I want to see them all hurled with an ocean view in the background.

Serene on The Bachelor

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It’s brutal to make it to the final four and NOT get a rose—especially as the second of the final ladies to be invited to hometowns in the first place.

Serene’s Bachelor experience was a prime example of Clayton’s tendency to go ALL IN with whichever lady he happened to be spending time with. When he ended it with her, the look on her face said it all: She was done with men wasting her time.

There’s going to be a man on the beach who recognizes Serene for who she is and wants to focus all his attention on her, and I’ll be here for it.

Sarah on The Bachelor

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Sarah…But Only If Mara’s There Too

There has to be a spot on Paradise for a feud between Mara and Sarah The Fake Crier.

Both women spent significant chunks of their time with Clayton trash talking the other, so it’s clear they aren’t exactly kindred spirits. I’m predicting the two pursue the same love interest in Paradise, with many more underhanded “Can I Grab You?” conversations to come.

One of my favorite moments of Season 26 was Sarah’s final conversation with Clayton, where he says he thinks she’s trying to make herself cry to look sad. Sarah (and Mara) were both sent home, but not before becoming enemies for life. Will they have a mature conversation and settle their differences? Not if the Women Tell All is any indication.

Sierra on The Bachelor

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Serving “I wanted to bring something to your attention” realness, Sierra essentially sacrificed herself for the good of the group, on more than one occasion.

Give Sierra her credit—she was the one who approached Clayton about issues with Cassidy and Shanae, and was right both times. Plus, she read Clayton for filth at the Women Tell All: 

I want to know, exactly, who are you to act a certain way, and treat these women a certain way, and subject them to this kind of behavior of yours? Like, what did they do to deserve it?

And don’t forget—Sierra has already made it clear she wants to meet Shanae on the beach. She's the fan favorite, and it's her time to shine in Mexico.

Clayton and Cassidy on The Bachelor

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Don’t tell me you forgot about Cassidy, the one who blew off decorating for the kid’s birthday party to make out with Clayton at the pool. (In her defense, what kind of a date is that???) Hillary Duff thought it was shady, too.

Cassidy was convinced from the first time she met Clayton that she was the winner of the whole season, AND she came on the show with a side-piece at home. That’s the kind of chaotic energy I watch The Bachelor for, and a presence BIP definitely needs.

Elizabeth on The Bachelor

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All my ADHD sisters, rise up! Elizabeth is eloquent, stunning, articulate, smart, can cook a mean shrimp…need I say more? She deserves her Round 2 in Mexico, and she deserves to spend time on a date without having to spend the whole time defending herself for things she didn’t do.

Okay, fine. The real reason I want Elizabeth to join the BIP cast is because it’s time for a showdown between her and…

Shanae on The Bachelor

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There is unfinished business between Shanae and pretty much every other girl from Clayton’s season. Between Elizabeth, Cierra, and Genevieve, more than one contestant is looking forward to meeting up. 

Was Clayton a himbo for letting Shanae stay so long? Yes. Was Shanae a master manipulator and a teensy bit of a narcissist? Also yes. But no BIP season would be complete without a villain, and I’m formally begging Shanae to take that spot.

Season 26 of The Bachelor is available to stream on Hulu.

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