The Good Doctor Boss Explains How Season 6 Will Pick Up After The Shocking Finale Cliffhanger

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Warning: Major spoilers ahead for the Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor, “Sons.” Read at your own risk!

The Season 5 finale of The Good Doctor included the highly-anticipated wedding between sweethearts Shaun and Lea. However, in the episode’s final minutes, there was a gruesome twist that no one saw coming, and it actually mirrors an iconic storyline on ER. Executive producer David Shore discussed how the series will pick up in Season 6 after that major tragedy.

Shaun and Lea had a very low-key but lovely wedding at St. Bonaventure, courtesy of their friends and colleagues. When it was time to get more cups due to everyone drinking so much, Dr. Lim volunteered to check the break room. Unfortunately, she was greeted by a horrible sight of a bloody Nurse Villanueva on the ground. She warned Lim that her violent ex-boyfriend Owen was in the room, and things only went downhill from there.

Before Lim had any time to react, Owen stabbed her twice, leaving her for dead as her friends continued dancing and celebrating with a Beach Boys song playing in the background. It was a shocking cliffhanger, and David Shore revealed to TVLine what the Season 6 premiere, which has already been filmed along with the second episode, will consist of:

The first episode has a huge amount of intensity and fun, but it’s difficult because it’s the immediate fallout [from the finale]… Lim’s journey is going to be a big part of it, we have some nice things planned for Glassman, and, of course, nothing but wedded bliss for Shaun and Lea.

The fallout of the finale will definitely be intense, especially since Shore did reveal there will also be a bit of a time jump after the premiere. While he didn’t specify how far the time jump will be, it does seem like things will move ahead to Shaun and Park’s first year as surgical attendings. Where in the storyline it will land is unknown for now. 

Meanwhile, Dr. Shaun Murphy will see some new responsibilities as he becomes an attending at St. Bonaventure. David Shore teased what Shaun will deal with in Season 6 and the changes he will face on top of being married:

You will see very early into Season 6 the responsibility [he takes on now]. He has shown that he can lead a surgery, but that’s a technical thing. There are emotional things that go with that, and interpersonal things that go with that, that are more challenging when there’s not somebody standing behind him [to make] the ultimate decision. Being an attending is different than being a senior resident in ways that Shaun didn’t necessarily anticipate. His role as a supervisor will challenge him right away. And, of course, he’s married. That’s different, too.

Shaun doesn’t do too well with change, but if it’s a change he’s been preparing for and working towards, it shouldn’t be too bad. However, being an attending does have much more responsibility than a resident. Seeing how he works through new challenges could lead to some fresh storylines. With such a great support system at St. Bonaventure and at home, Shaun will undoubtedly have his friends and loved ones at his side.

It's hard to tell what the aftermath of the finale will be like, but after losing Dr. Melendez, I wouldn’t be able to handle another death on The Good Doctor. Fingers crossed that Dr. Lim survives because St. Bonaventure would not be the same without her, nor would the show without Christina Chang, as it’s already lost more than enough stars.

It’s unknown when Season 6 of The Good Doctor will premiere, but ABC did confirm its fall lineup, and the medical drama is sticking to the 10 p.m. EST slot on Mondays in the upcoming season. In the meantime, check out CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule to see what else to watch to keep you occupied until the fall!

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