The Last Of Us Renewed For Season 2. Why That’s Particularly Great News

Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us
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“Going viral” isn’t something that people in the world of HBO and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us series would think of as a good thing. In the context of the recently-debuted show’s fortunes in the world of the 2023 TV schedule, that’s a different story, and a welcomed success. The network has announced that Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann’s television adaptation of the hit video game has been renewed for Season 2.

That’s particularly great news coming from HBO, for several reasons. One of the happenings likely instrumental to keeping The Last of Us on air is the fact that it has already set some important viewing milestones just two episodes in, breaking records set by the likes of Breaking Bad. 

As Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey’s first season journey through the post-apocalyptic wastes of the United States is still set to continue for some weeks, this news amps up the anticipation for each new chapter that’s about to unfold. If you’re interested in where The Last of Us is headed, but don’t want overwhelming spoilers, here’s the “Weeks Ahead” trailer that was released at the end of the series premiere:

A tease like that promises great things for this first season, which should keep The Last of Us viewers locked in for the rest of the nine-episode run. Knowing that Season 2 is going to officially happen takes that energy and runs with it, as people can now feel safe to invest in the uber-faithful material in Season 1.

Seeing as the viewership for Episode 2 scaled some impressive heights, this only serves to keep that momentum going. People who may not have even known what The Last of Us was, or why it’s so popular, now have incentive to get in on the ground floor. Honestly, after the pretty gross death that wrapped last week’s events, it’s a really good time for newcomers to climb on board with an easy two-episode binge.

While The Last of Us renewal wasn’t as lightning fast as House of the Dragon’s single-episode threshold, it’s still a sign of good faith from HBO. Going only an episode longer without such news is a solid benchmark, especially with no pre-existing television IP to lean on. The power of the fandom that plays the games seems to have latched onto this adaptation, and the seal of approval has now ensured that at least one more season of adventure, horror, and heartbreak will be in the cards. 

It looks like we can hold off on the ‘80s music for a little longer, as this is the furthest thing from trouble. The Last of Us airs on HBO on Sundays at 9 PM ET. Those of you with an HBO Max subscription can catch episodes as their air, as well as delve into the podcast and other extras that help flesh out Joel and Ellie’s world.

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