HBO’s Game Of Thrones Prequel House Of The Dragon Already Renewed For Season 2 And The Network Sounds Pumped

Viserys and Rhaenyra in front of the Iron Throne in House of the Dragon
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There are popular shows, and then there was Game of Thrones. The fantasy series was the definition of water cooler talk during its original run, so plenty of fans tuned in for the recent premiere of the prequel House of the Dragon. After just one episode HBO’s Game Of Thrones prequel has already been renewed for Season 2. And the network sounds pumped.

Despite criticism about Game of Thrones' final season, it seems that plenty of fans tuned in and returned to Westeros for House of the Dragon. Some folks even reported that HBO Max crashed as a result of the popularity. Clearly the show got renewed for a reason, with HBO programming exec Francesca Orsi issuing a statement which reads:  

We are beyond proud of what the entire House of the Dragon team has accomplished with season one. Our phenomenal cast and crew undertook a massive challenge and exceeded all expectations, delivering a show that has already established itself as must-see-TV. A huge thank you to George, Ryan, and Miguel for leading us on this journey. We couldn’t be more excited to continue bringing to life the epic saga of House Targaryen with season two.

Brush up on your High Valyrian, because it looks like the winged creatures of House of the Dragon are going to be spending plenty of time on our television screens. We'll just have to see how long the Game of Thrones prequel actually runs; can it maintain the same level of popularity as its predecessor? Only time will tell.

The news of House of the Dragon's Season 2 renewal also arrived on the show's official social media presence. Over on Twitter a celebration occurred with a symbol of House Targaryen, which becomes quickly engulfed in flames. Check it out for yourself below,

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Dracarys indeed. While the plot of House of the Dragon is only just starting, smart money says the folks behind the new HBO series are thinking ahead. Game of Thrones was a slow burn for most of its run, with the story methodically being played out. We'll just have to see what narrative seeds for Season 2 are planted once the spinoff's first season has completed. 

While House of the Dragon is set 173 years before Emilia Clarke's Daenerys Targaryen was even born, the first episode included plenty of exciting references for fans of Game of Thrones. This include name dropping familiar locations, as well as a reference to the threat of the White Walkers. We'll just have to see how interconnected the two shows actually end up being.

House of the Dragon airs new episodes Sundays on HBO and HBO Max. Be sure to check out the summer premiere list to plan your next binge watch.

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