The Sweet Way Ellen DeGeneres Is Publicly Honoring Stephen 'tWitch' Boss’ Memory Following His Death

Stephen Boss, aka tWitch, on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
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The untimely death of Stephen “tWitch” Boss still has friends and fans mourning the memory of the So You Think You Can Dance star. Over the past several months, numerous people have shared tributes to Boss and, even now, they continue to come in from all over. The most recent gesture now comes from Boss’ former collaborator, Ellen DeGeneres. Thanks to a very sweet piece of generosity, DeGeneres has now publicly honored the legacy of her dear friend.

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund announced that it’s celebrating the anniversary of a previous philanthropic effort bestowed by the former talk show host. And at the time that news was made known, the organization took to Instagram to announce a new addition. Shown below, Ellen DeGeneres’ latest donation is a brand new tree, with a plaque celebrating Stephen “tWitch” Boss’ life. Take a look:

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show between 2014 and Ellen's 2021 finale, tWitch held the duty of being a DJ and a sidekick to DeGeneres’ unique brand of positivity. "The light that he brought to the world" was partially through their collaboration, as well as the late entertainer's work on So You Think You Can Dance, both as a guest and an eventual judge. 

In the middle of their tenure together, the titular host also committed to giving the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund a permanent home to engage in its efforts to study and conserve the animals it has sworn to protect. Uniting the memory of Stephen Boss with a cause she truly cared about is perhaps the greatest thing she could do to keep his legacy of entertainment and happiness alive.

This isn’t the only ray of Stephen Boss’ light that has shone in recent times. His new Gap ad -- which premiered posthumously -- brought bittersweet joy to his mother, Connie Boss Alexander. The same could be said for his appearance in this year’s In Memoriam segment at the 2023 Grammys, with People reporting that Alexander reflected her son’s passing “will never seem real.”

Despite the cloud of controversy that surrounded the host as her series was ending, tWitch stuck by his friend’s side throughout the remainder of the debacle. Stephen Boss felt no small amount of pressure because of his decision but clearly felt that it was the right choice. That sort of friendship, in its purest form, shows in ways that are long lasting and significant. Planting a tree at the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund's home base is one such form that enriches us all, and in a fitting manner.

It's unfortunate that Stephen "tWitch" Boss is no longer with us, leaving those who loved him most to still process their feelings of grief in due time. The tree that now bears his name is yet another example of love making its way into the world. Just as tWitch was forever grateful for what they did with The Ellen DeGeneres Show, DeGeneres respects how that gratitude was returned. 

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