The White Lotus: 5 Survivor Cameos I'd Like To See In Season 3

Survivor's Angelina Keeley and Kara Kay in The White Lotus
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Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard of Mike White's Emmy-winning HBO anthology series The White Lotus. Season 2 recently ended its wildly successful run, complete with a shocking twist ending that had everyone talking. The show comes from the mind of Mike White, who happens to be a Survivor contestant and super fan. Those of us who watch both shows were delighted when the Season 2 opening episode featured two of White's fellow castaways, which left me wondering: could we see more Survivor cameos in future seasons? If so, there are 5 castaways in particular who I think might be good choices to join HBO's growing TV franchise.

Just like the first season of The White Lotus, the premiere of Season 2 revealed that at multiple people had died on the water. Prior to Meghann Fahy's Daphne discovering the bodies, she has a scene with two women, played by Kara Kay and Angelina Keeley. Both of these women were Mike White's fellow castaways from Survivor: David vs. Goliath. And if he were to bring in more personalities from the long-running reality competition series, I've got a few suggestions.   

Cirie Fields in Survivor: Game Changers

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Cirie Fields (Survivor Panama, Micronesia, Heroes vs. Villains, Game Changers)

If I'm making a list of Survivor contestants that would be fun to see appear on The White Lotus, I have to include a few legends. Case in point: Survivor icon and four-time castaway Cirie Fields. While she and Mike White never played together I've got to assume that he's a big fan of her career on the series. She's made truly legendary moves, and it would be awesome to see her immortalized in this way, especially since circumstances out of her control stopped Cirie from ever making it to Final Tribal. 

Cirie recently appeared in the first season of Peacock's The Traitors, and it's been a joy to have her back on my television, especially involved in another reality competition series. While Traitors was renewed for Season 2, fans are expecting a new cast to play the game. So why not give the fan-favorite castaway an appearance on The White Lotus?

John Morrison in Survivor

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John Hennigan aka John Morrison (Survivor: David Vs. Goliath)

It's pretty common for professional athletes to compete on Survivor, some of whom try to keep their identity hidden from fellow castaways upon hitting the beach. Case in point: Cliff Robinson, Brad Culpepper, and Scott Pollard. When Mike White competed on David Vs. Goliath, the professional athlete who was also on his season was none other than WWE wrestler John Hennigan. His professional name was John Morrison, and was also known as the Mayor of Slamtown. 

Unsurprisingly, John Hennigan was on the Goliath tribe on Survivor, while Mike White was a David. They both ultimately made it to the merge, but Hennigan was voted off 7th in one of the season's most surprising Tribal Councils. And since his time as a wrestler has seemingly come to an end, his schedule might be open for a White Lotus cameo. Who knows, he could be the next wrestler turned actor like Dave Bautista or The Rock.

Parvati Shallow on Survivor: Winners at War

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Parvati Shallow (Survivor Cook Islands, Micronesia, Heroes Vs. Villains, Winners at War)

Like Cirie Fields, this one is another big swing for fans of both Survivor and The White Lotus. Parvati Shallow is one of the most popular contestants of all time, and has also played a whopping four times. She famously won Micronesia, and made it to the Final Tribal of Heroes Vs. Villains. And given this popularity having Parv show up on a future season of Mike White's acclaimed dramedy would no doubt blow the minds of fans.

Since White is such a huge fan of Survivor, I have to assume that he'd love to meet and work with Parvati...even if its not on the island. Honestly, her double idol play in Heroes Vs. Villains is the stuff of legends. So if the White Lotus director is going to bring in player that he hasn't played with, Shallow seems like an obvious choice. 

Ricard Foye smiling on Survivor

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Ricard Foye (Survivor 41)

Ricard Foye competed recently on Survivor 41, and is the most recent castaway on this list of folks I'd like to see pop up in The White Lotus for a cameo. Foye had a killer first season as a challenge beast and strategic threat, while also using the platform to make positive change in the overall game. 

While I'm definitely eager to see Foye back on the island in another Survivor season, he actually seems like a logical choice to get a White Lotus cameo. Namely because he has a history as an actor, and would be more prepared than most contestants. What's more, he recently did another cameo, with a quick role on Showtime's Queer as Folk reboot. If White wants to continue the trend of Survivor cameos with someone who already knows how to hit a mark and deliver a line, Ricard seems like a great choice. 

Michelle Fitzgerald smiling on Survivor

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Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor Kaoh Rong, Winners at War)

Another new school Survivor who has made a serious mark is Michele Fitzgerald. She won her first season Kaoh Rong, although she was an underdog who some fans were surprised became the Soul Survivor. She had something to prove when retuning for Winners at War, especially going against so many heavy hitters. In the end she once again fought her way to Final Tribal Council, ultimately coming in third place.

Since appear on her two seasons of Survivor, Michele Fitzgerald has continued doing reality competition shows. She joined the cast of MTV's The Challenge, and has also competed on two seasons of that popular show. Since she's still so relevant and used to being on TV, she seems like another easy choice to have a White Lotus cameo as more seasons arrive on HBO. 

Unfortunately for fans of both Survivor and The White Lotus, we're currently in the interim period between seasons. Luckily for those clamoring to hear more of Jeff Probst's narration, Survivor will return to CBS on March 1st. In the meantime, check out the TV premiere list to plan your next binge watch. 

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