Wait, Josh Duggar Will Get Out Of Prison Earlier Than Expected?

Josh Duggar mugshot child pornography charges arrest.
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New details have been trickling down in recent weeks regarding Josh Duggar and what his prison term will look like. After the 19 Kids and Counting star was found guilty on child pornography-related charges, Duggar was sentenced to roughly 12.5 years in prison. Now, however, it seem the eldest son of Jim Bob and Michelle may have shaved a little time off that sentence. 

Josh Duggar was recently transferred from the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas to Seagoville Prison, located in Texas, where he will spend his tenure in the system. Ahead of his transfer, it was reported the time spent in the county center allegedly did not count toward his sentence, which would be carried out in full in federal prison. It was also reported that Josh Duggar would not be eligible for parole after being charged.

Yet a new report from In Touch indicates the former TV personality is actually only going to spend about 10 years in total in prison. The report notes he already has a release date of August 12, 2032 on the books. That date, of course, is far fewer than the 151 months that Judge Timothy L Brooks handed down in court. 

Why Is Josh Duggar’s Prison Release Date Earlier Than Expected?

The current reason the 151-month sentence did not stand in full has not been shared by Seagoville or those connected to the case. However, while Josh Duggar is allegedly not eligible for parole, it was determined that those in the Federal Prison system only have to serve 85% or more of their full sentence in order to be eligible for release, which sheds light on the matter.

Two other points to note: While the prosecution asked for 20 years in prison, Duggar's legal team had requested a much lighter sentence. In turn, his mother Michelle Duggar and other spoke in his defense, also requesting a lighter tenure. Then, after sentencing came down, the defense also made good on its vow to appeal the ultimate result. 

Secondly, after Josh Duggar is released from prison, he will spend 20 years on probation. He will need to register as a sex offender and check in regularly with a parole officer; this also means he will be subject to lie detector tests. He won’t be able to view porn of any kind or hold a medical marijuana card. Perhaps most notable, he won't be allowed alone in a room with his then non-adult children (in 2032, his seven children with Anna Duggar will all still be underage). Another approved individual will need to be around. 

For now, Duggar is still in Seagoville where he has a strict set of rules to abide by each day. We'll let you know if there are any other updates related to his release.  

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