Josh Duggar's Wife Anna Returns To Social Media For The First Time Since Husband's Arrest On Child Pornography Charges With First Look At Seventh Child

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Anna Duggar has given birth to her seventh child with Josh Duggar, and the arrival of their newborn daughter marks the first time that Anna has returned to social media since her husband’s arrest on child pornography charges earlier this year. She was pregnant prior to his arrest and gave birth as the case against her husband continues to generate controversy. 

It appears that their newest child is healthy and well, based on Anna Duggar’s social media return. She shared a photo of baby Madyson Lily Duggar on Instagram:

Madyson Lily is the seventh child and fourth daughter of Anna and Josh Duggar. Anna originally announced her pregnancy shortly before Josh was arrested on child pornography charges. The arrest happened in late April, and he was ultimately charged with one count of possessing child pornography and one count of receiving child pornography. Although he was released on bail, he didn't get to return to his wife and then-six children, but instead stayed with a third party. 

That third party seemingly has a connection to Anna Duggar, however, and the earliest rumors surrounding their marriage following his arrest suggested that she decided to stand by her husband. Back in August, rumors began to swirl of Anna falling out with the extended Duggar family and casting blame for Josh's arrest. 

No details about his arrest or her reaction could be found on her social media, of course, as her most recent post prior to her husband's arrest was on April 24, celebrating both her own pregnancy with another baby girl and Jessa Duggar Seewald's pregnancy. (Jessa gave birth to her second daughter back in July after suffering a miscarriage in 2020.) Josh Duggar allegedly used his Instagram password to access child pornography, so it's not surprising that his wife wanted to stay off of social media. 

Although Josh Duggar's arrest happened back in April, the case is still unfolding. His trial date is November 30, and as recently as just a couple of weeks ago, prosecutors in the case wanted to use the underage molestation reports from the scandal in 2015 involving his sisters, which resulted in a number of lawsuits

Duggar's legal team has sought to suppress certain elements of the case with little success, although they did manage to get the original trial date pushed back to November from its original expected start date in early July. The legal team even attempted to get the case dismissed via an argument that was Donald Trump-oriented, although the trial is moving forward and fast-approaching. 

How this will affect his family remains to be seen. Anna Duggar didn't drop any details about her husband's legal situation in her return to social media, and kept her message short and sweet. At the time of writing, just four hours after she posted the photo of her new daughter, the post has accumulated more than 50,000 likes on Instagram, with sister-in-law Claire Duggar commenting that the infant "is darling." As for what happens next for Josh Duggar's trial and his wife's situation, only time will tell. With the trial just two weeks away, change could be on the way.

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