Watch Ellen DeGeneres Gets Meghan Markle To Squat And Eat Like A Chipmunk In Epic Prank

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s nearly two-decade run on television may coming to an end next year, but host Ellen DeGeneres is not against going back to some old tricks with her world-famous pranks. In the past, the talk show host has enlisted the likes of Justin Bieber, Adele and Britney Spears to confuse unsuspecting people, and now she has done it again with The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle

The former Suits actress and wife of Prince Harry joined Ellen DeGeneres in Los Angeles for an interview, and they also decided to have a little fun with some vendors nearby. Check out the video below: 

Apparently, Meghan Markle is a huge fan of the pranks that Ellen does and asked the talk show host if she could take part in one. She signed up to then have Ellen in her ear as she approached food vendors about the unique items they were selling and results were absolutely hilarious. 

Anyone else get halfway through this and then remember that Meghan Markle is an actress? Lately, so much of the press involving the Duchess of Sussex has been involving the royal family or her new children’s book, The Bench. But she absolutely nailed this. I would have been crumbling into laughter, but Meghan Markle did a ton of funny things in a span of eight minutes. She did an in-public squat, ate chips like a chipmunk, pretended to drink her own milk and sang a ridiculous song about being a cat while wearing cat ears. 

They started the prank by having her “assistant” ask them if they can treat her like normal, even though she’s clearly royalty. As she does these ridiculous things in front of them, they are a bit taken aback, but they are actually handling it really well. Perhaps because they were selling these items and it’s Meghan Markle, they just sucked it up and let it happen. 

Ellen DeGeneres definitely knows how to create some hilarious and awkward moments with pranks such as this and it’s great to see Meghan Markle having a blast doing what she says. She fully committed to the bit and that’s when these videos really sing. At the end of the video, Ellen DeGeneres ran in and revealed what was going on and they erupted in to laughter about it. The vendors were then invited on the show as the prank was revealed on TV and to the internet. 

After this performance, we want to see Markle do more comedic work! She may have been best known for an actress for her work on Suits, and have plenty going on in her personal and public life as a mom and wife of Prince Harry, but seeing her deliver some laughs is a joy. 

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